10 most important composers in history?

In your opinion, what are the most important composers in music?
Which of them have made great contributions to the following generations?

In my opinion are:


In my opinion, without these composers, the direction of the music would be another.

For you what are?

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5 years ago


I'm a LCM grade 5 pianist and recently I have moved away from piano. I want to play it but I get pretty mad while playing if I make even one mistake. I'm not certain about playing it but I want to. I want to go against my non playing instinct. Help me about this please!


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a month ago

"I Wanna Be Seduced"

This is a great song that's been most notably recorded by Leon Redbone,
Peggy Lee, and Richard Dreyfuss. After a rather extensive and exhaustive 
search I'm at my wits end.  Any help in locating this piece would be most 
greatly appreciated.

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3 months ago

Question about title pages

So I looked this up online and still couldn't find any clear answers.  I love the beautiful title pages many composers post for their pieces.  My question is, how do I do that on my own compositions?  Thank you in advance!

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a month ago

Piano Feedback 2.1 vs 2.3.1

I noticed that when I updated musescore, the piano instrument in 2.3.1 sounded very more acoustic or classical sounding than before. In 2.1 and before, it sounded very bright (but it wasn't on a bright piano). Did they change the instrument sounds? I'm not upset. It just was very surprising.

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2 months ago

What do you think about classic music education?

Few days ago, my daughter (6 years old) visited an exam at music school. I was there. And I remembered the atmosphere of my childhood. When I was 10, I was studying at Music School.

It was time of musician-friends, nice time after school... Also it was 3 hours of piano playing per day (and it was very boring compositions). Solfege, where we tried to repeat very incomprehensible parts from Gluk music. 

And I'm sad about it. I made the decision: If she passes the exam or not, I'll not let her attend music school. On the contrary, I'll hire a personal teacher. And this teacher will not only teach her play, but teach her love to play. The goal is not to bring a world-star pianist. The goal is in 12-15 years she should be a music lover. She should love to play in 17-18-19 years old. Not to be like a 90% of graduates, who hate to play music after music school.

But it's about Russian musical school systems. But for me it's interesting: What's with Europe music schools?
Is it as boring as in Russia? Have you a problem, that 90% of children hate playing music after music school?

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3 months ago

What is or was your most intensive piano drills or practice?

I am very new to Piano and for me it was scale drilling. I went through C, D, E major drills with right and left hands up three octaves back and forth 50 times which took about 10 minutes per hand so 20 minutes per scale and all up 60 minutes roughly for the three scales.

How about you?

Also, what are some tips to improve other than scales and right reading drills.

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4 months ago


Hello! I have a youtube channel, but not many subscribers and views. I would really appreciate some tips to make it better and what you think is good and bad. 
My youtube channel is called elma03. 
Thank you!

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4 months ago

Need help transcribing a song

Hello! Does anyone know the beautiful song "Faster Car" Loving Caliber feat. Anders Lystell & Michael Stenmark? I have been looking everywhere for sheet music and even tried transcribing it on my own but it takes a a day to do a measure and it still doesn't even sound the same. Can someone help?

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3 months ago

Looking for help with a piece I want!

Hi! I'm new to the community section of Musescore. I've been trying to find sheet music for piano for the "Tonya Suite" from the I, Tonya soundtrack by Peter Nashel. I can't find anything for this, and I have no clue on how to transcribe it myself. 

Any advice? Anywhere I should look for this? 

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4 months ago


Bonjour, j'ai commencé le piano il y a de cela deux mois mais j'ai encore des problèmes d'utilisation de la main gauche. J'ai beaucoup de mal à m'en servir. Auriez-vous des conseils ?
Merci d'avance

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4 months ago

Places We Wont Walk Composition?

Hi! I’ve been looking for a decent composition of places we won’t walk by Bruno Major for the longest time and I just can’t seem to find a good copy. Anyone know where I can find a good one or would be willing to write one?

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4 months ago