Printing sheet music?

hey does anyone know how to print off sheet music form musescore?  I tried doing as a PDF and under the PDF it says, "view and print" but for some reason its only letting me view.  I can't figure out how to print it.  Dows anyone know how to?

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10 days ago

Demons - Imagine Dragons

can someone make sheet music to this,    IMAGINE DRAGONS - DEMONS - EASY PIANO TUTORIAL BY PLUTAX - SYNTHESIA  (for some reason its not letting me share the link so just copy whats capitalized and search it up on youtube)   .     please make sure its the same version as the one in the link. please someone make sheet music for this song.  thank you.

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22 days ago

What do you think about classic music education?

Few days ago, my daughter (6 years old) visited an exam at music school. I was there. And I remembered the atmosphere of my childhood. When I was 10, I was studying at Music School.

It was time of musician-friends, nice time after school... Also it was 3 hours of piano playing per day (and it was very boring compositions). Solfege, where we tried to repeat very incomprehensible parts from Gluk music. 

And I'm sad about it. I made the decision: If she passes the exam or not, I'll not let her attend music school. On the contrary, I'll hire a personal teacher. And this teacher will not only teach her play, but teach her love to play. The goal is not to bring a world-star pianist. The goal is in 12-15 years she should be a music lover. She should love to play in 17-18-19 years old. Not to be like a 90% of graduates, who hate to play music after music school.

But it's about Russian musical school systems. But for me it's interesting: What's with Europe music schools?
Is it as boring as in Russia? Have you a problem, that 90% of children hate playing music after music school?

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a month ago