Relaunch of group! (Quick Survey)

Hello everyone.

This group has been kind of neglected, which is a shame. While it's been inactive I've noticed that it has grown exceptionally since the last time I posted, so I feel that I want to revamp this group and keep it running with positive comments for you guys!

First and foremost, I will need to hire admin to help give positive comments each day. So comment if you want to participate! (If there are no admin, there is less of a chance you will get a comment.)

Second, I loved the idea of engaging everyone and asking intriguing questions about music and musescore itself, so if you like the idea of reading through a discussion of that sort, please tell me.

And finally, I want to know the likelihood of hosting a contest (that is if you guys want it), so comment if you would be able to participate if we were to have such a contest.

Also if I receive no comments I will just assume no one cares and I'll just let this group die. Which is okay I guess it's what the people want, I'm just curious if people actually care XD

That's all I got as of now but I'll keep you posted.
See you guys next time!

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Why is atonal music very unpopular?

Hello everyone.

I apologize if this is not a valid discussion to post in this group.
The reason that I propose this inquiry is to elucidate why many individuals abhor atonality.
Is this abhorrence aroused due to the unconventionality of the music? Is it because the music stimulates queer emotions? Or are there any other reasons? Please provide your deliberations. Thanks.

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2 years ago