Jun 12, 2018

i'm basically re posting this, because my original is lost in the discussions and i want to know of any updates.


also, changing my name from I_T_S____B_A_N_H_A_M_M_E_R____T_I_M_E to my minecraft username (DarkHeart_o3o)
I know that you changed your name from I_T_S____B_A_N_H_A_M_M_E_R____T_I_M_E to your minecraft username (DarkHeart_o3o)

- you're 12
- your profile pics have consisted of that spongebob picture and your current picture
- your usernames have consisted of "Lord of Undertale and Memes", " I_T_S____B_A_N_H_A_M_M_E_R____T_I_M_E ", and your current one
- you were my 361st follower (man, how the heck do I know this...I SWEAR to GOD I'm don't try to memorize my followers in order...I'm NOT obsessed with followers; I've got better stuff to think about...I don't need any more musicontherunnows trying to "expose" my "selfishness" xD)
- you've commented on several of my scores
- you play the shamisen and the piano
- you love the game undertale
- you desperately want to be part of this group's history
- you're kinda new to musescore (ish...at least compared to me)
- you joined this group after the rebellion
Pretty much xdddddddd

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