Jun 13, 2018

Could someone please make a channel banner for me? I'm very open as to design, but it's got to fit with my color scheme of red-black-blue-green. Maybe something anime? I have no way of paying you physically but you will have my eternal gratitude! I will credit you in my description! 

It must say: Lizante: Arranger and Transcriber

FYI im changing my username to Lizante. For personal reasons.

-Formerly GamerGirl200


EDIT: I messed up on the color scheme. It's actually black, blue, and purple with a red accent color.
@caleb miller musicu
THANK YOU!!!!!!! Thanks so much!!! I really really appreciate it. You have my eternal gratitude!!! *bows*
 its just a fun project, you dont have to do all the gratitude stuff. but i will need somewhere to send it, also what do you think of either a sword swiping, and music notes coming out of it? or just you writing music on a stand?
@caleb miller music
I like the writing music on a stand idea, thanks!

And I can show you gratitude if I want to, ok? Haha. You can insert the picture onto a score, post the score, and I can screenshot it? Maybe? I have some social media if that doesn't work.
it may take me awhile to make, i'm still trying to figure out the software i'm using called GIMP, and since its a really powerful tool, i'm going to learn it as i go along.
@caleb miller music
 Ok, makes sense! No pressure!
 is this an ad for your server?

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