What's eveyone MBTI type?

Jul 11, 2018


I'm INFP (mediator)


 Woohoo!!! We're obviously the best personality type, everyone wishes they were us
 So true! Everyone’s jealous because we’re the cool ones B)
 I like thinking, too! The T stands for how you make decisions, though. You make decisions based off of the most logical thing to do in a situation. I on the other hand do it based on my emotions xD
 I know, I was just joking because the T stands for thinking
 Haha! I figured you were xD Maybe they should change the T to and L for logical :D
I enjoy thonking by using my brain to calculate evidence and sensory input into information I can readily use to validate and invalidate outside information and opinions.
I believe I’m INTP, but I was really close to ENTP
Not sure what this means but ok
 Oh okay I read an article and I think I understand what this means now.
@Okely dokely
 Okay, I feel like INTP is more accurate anyways
Oh dang. I just took the test and got ISFJ-A so I guess this past year has really changed me xD
ISTJ-A (Logistician)

8% extraverted/92% introverted
27% intuitive/73% observant
67% thinking/ 33% feeling
82% judging/18% prospecting
79% assertive/21% turbulent

https://www.16personalities.com/istj-personality  It's really creepy how well this describes me.

EDIT: I took the test again and got pretty much the same thing except slightly more introverted and observant. 
 Hey, I’m 8% extraverted and 92% introverted, too!
Oh lol I'm 43% extroverted and 57% introverted :P
Cool! I don't talk a whole lot with people unless it's like one on one or something like that. Even then...……………… I talk on here a lot, and I'm very talkative over the coms system we're using at VBS. But face to face I'm very introverted. :P
Hey, we should start an INFP personality group! xD I'd be glad to make one. 
Awesome!! :D

And whoa! You changed your profile pic! :o It's pretty tho. :3
Thank you, Fia! I was getting tired of that profile pic. I had it a LONG time ;P 
True. It was cute tho...but this profile pic is literally SO PRETTY ohmaghad. I think I like it better. It's so artsy :D
 Aw, thanks! I think I like this one better, as well. I like fantasy styled pictures.
@Robin M. Butler
 Heyyyyyy it’s an exclusive club! B) Haha, I saw you joined an ENFP group... how dare you leave me out! xD
 Hahahahahahaha well you left me out first! so.. xD
@Robin M. Butler 

Our group has more people though. INFPs SHALL RULE THE WORLD!!! >:D
Took the test. It says I am a Mediator (INFP-t). 31% extraverted, 69% introverted 83% intuitive, 17% observant 18% thinking, 82% feeling 22% judging, 78% prospecting 47% assertive, 53% turbulent  https://www.16personalities.com/infp-personality 

We are similar!!!!

Awesome! They say great minds think alike.... :D
i have no idea who else is but..
ima make a group too

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