RSA Collaboration Variations composition

Sep 20, 2018

I finally have the theme for the collab, so you guys can post your variations into this discussion. I'll explain some rules:
1. Variations are ONLY for solo piano.
2. You can do whatever you want with the melody as long as it sounds at least somewhat like the original theme. You can change the key, time signature, tempo, etc. You can even change the melody a bit (like a fantasia).
3. You can make your variation any difficulty as long as it doesn't look like a black MIDI. I would prefer playable, but if your composing style isn't very playable, then it's still fine.

Can't think of any more rules at the moment. To submit your variation, just upload it onto your account and put the link to it in this discussion. I'll collect everyone's variations and arrange them in some order. You have until October 7, 2018 to put a link of your composition here.

Here's the original theme (and the simplified melody if you have trouble with finding the melody):

UPDATE: Composition completed. Here's the link:


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