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Oct 11, 2018

Originally titled: About all the spam and sh*tposting

[btw if you can't find discussions you just posted - they probably got deleted]

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So, uh...first I'd like to say thanks for all the activity in this group - RSA wouldn't be like this without you :D

But I think this needs to be addressed: there's been a lot of sh*tposting (slang for pointless posts, spam, clutter, etc.) in this group, and these posts are starting to outnumber the meaningful discussions we have in here. And it's getting to the point where multiple people have let me know about this issue, multiple times. At the same time, I'd be really sad to see my group turn into somewhere to put "every single little thought that enters your head" or short, 2-word discussions that don't make a lot of sense. I hate that I'm telling you that you can't post certain things, even though it's technically not "inappropriate", but I want new members who visit this group for the first time to see pages of interesting, meaningful discussions that spark conversation, and not hundreds of spam discussions that don't make sense.

Today, I deleted 85 "spam" discussions (update: this number is now 200), most of which were posted within the last month. You may notice, when scrolling this group's discussions, that there's a lot less clutter. Let's keep it that way.

In short, please tone down on these sorts of "spam discussions". That doesn't mean you can't talk about certain things, though! Feel free to talk about whatever you want, but just make it something that we can converse about - something of quality :D

Example of a good discussion:

hey guys, today I had an audition - it went quite well! What are some of your audition stories?

Or: hey guys, I had a bit of a rough day today...I need someone to talk to and maybe ask for advice. Thanks!!

Example of a spam discussion:





Rebecca Y is actually Dookis

I figured I should provide a clearer explanation of the types of stuff I delete cause right now a lot of you are wondering why your stuff is getting deleted :P

- if you need to ask a question specifically for me (or any other user) - send them a private message, ask them on their scores, or reply to one of their comments. Please don't make a whole new discussion for it.
- please don't post new discussions just to comment on how many discussions or members there are in the group - if the milestone is super major, then I'll allow one (and delete all other discussions about the same thing - just to limit redundancy)
- if your discussion contains offensive or inappropriate topics
- if the discussion, although it itself might potentially spark conversation, has a comment section completely filled with spam, with little to no actual conversation
- if the discussion has a comment section completely filled with inappropriate topics, or insults
- if your discussion is very vague and doesn't make sense
- if your discussion is an inside joke from somewhere else (discord, some other group, etc.) but looks like spam or sh*tpost to someone who doesn't know the joke (It's only to be fair - I delete other spam without second thought, so it's not fair to others that I leave up your seemingly spammy discussion)
- if your discussion exists for the sole purpose of getting the most comments in the group/on the site/etc.
- if your discussion exists for the sole purpose of getting comments in general
- if your discussion exists for the sole purpose of increasing the discussion count in the group

Again, I just do this to limit clutter/redundancy :) Thanks guys so much for all the activity and interesting discussions/conversations in here - I appreciate it a lot.
Thanks for reading!! <3


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