injected cleaner under skin

Jan 7, 2019

last night i injected two 6ml syringes full of odoban (one of those cleaners that kill like 99% of germs.
it was not in a vein, it was in the fat.
last night i woke up at 2.
Since then, the whole thigh area (about 2x5 inches) is extremely painful. There is a faint redness, and the skin is very hard. It is also very warm. There was a lot of swelling but i think it went down.
what should i do? i told my dad (but not how it happened) and he said it was fine.
Should i push going to the doctor? can it just reabsorb and be disposed as waste?

Also no lectures about how I need help and stuff like that. I know. and i know it's bad but that is not what i am concerned with here


I seriously doubt you'll get qualified help here. Have you tried your local Poison Control? Give them a call.
@pigpag i don't want to. also i don't have my phone. also then my parents will find out
@futurefemalebach your response to probably the best solution you’ll get is “I don’t want to”? maybe we’re not in the best mental state right now but I seriously believe that it’d be better to seek professional help first to see what physically can be done rather than asking prepubescents on an off topic music group. then, maybe, you can see about getting help for what might’ve caused you to do this.
@Panda Hero i don't think you really understand what will happen if i do......and how afraid of it i am
@futurefemalebach I know what it is like to be afraid of telling people stuff..... but I also know that it is much better that you do, and it helps. Please go get help, I'll do anything I can do, but I am not nearly as qualified to speak as others are....
Tell your parents and seek professional help immediately! Why are you even coming to this group for advice? In addition to the fact that most likely no one in this group has medical training, this is just asking for someone to come along and promote some malicious pseudo-scientific "alternative" medicine, which can be extremely dangerous. The dangers you are subjecting yourself to are far worse than anything your parents will do to you.
@Ethan Toavs coming here because i'm too scared to go anywhere else. also my parents will put me back in the hospital but this time for good
@futurefemalebach I am very concerned and I can sense your desperation, but there is very little an online community can do except for providing you with the emotional support. If you ever want to share a little of your struggle, we may be able to help, but definitely not any legal or medical advice.
If you really have not the slightest wish to make it straight with your parents, I can call the Poison Control Center for you. Also, when you mentioned hospital, what department are they sending you to? For your bulimia nervosa?
@pigpag i know. i meant like they would send me to a long term hospital because i have all other things and actually that would be helpful
@Ethan Toavs i completely agree. Why would you inject yourself with house cleaner anyway?
Nursing student here. The warmth and redness you describe are possible signs of infection. (And, unless you're familiar with the principles of surgical asepsis and sterile technique, infection from *any* sort of injection is definitely possible.)
Obv I'm not qualified to give specific medical advice. But I will say that if you notice any signs of obstructed blood flow to your lower leg, get to the emergency department ASAP. Otherwise I think it would be a good idea for you to be seen by a doc soon. If you're scared, one option might be to call/text a crisis line or a nurse line anonymously. But I promise nobody can keep you in the hospital for good. (In fact, insurance WANTS you to get out as soon as possible.)
It sounds like maybe you deal with self-harm? (I'm guessing here; I could be wrong.) Definitely feel free to email me or send me a message if you need support. I've dealt with that as well and def won't be judgy or anything like that. ((Hugs))
@Alice Minguez aww thank you it means a lot. My main concern was the numbness, is that typical of an infection?
I'm 16 so technically my parents can keep me there against my will :(
@futurefemalebach The five cardinal signs of infection are redness, heat, swelling, pain, and loss of function. However, numbness can also be a sign of some infections -- like cellulitis.
Yes, your parents can keep you there against your will. *But* if insurance stops covering it (which they love to do lol), they won't be able to afford to keep you there (unless they are multi-millionaires or something like that).
What makes you dislike hospital stays so much? Have you had bad experiences? (Personally I have been to awesome places that were so great I didn't want to well as literal sh*tholes where I witnessed literal abuse of patients by staff. So I know experiences can definitely vary a lot!!)
@Alice Minguez heading to the doctor in a couple hours. Also i meant a psych ward
@futurefemalebach Glad to hear that...hope it goes well :)
I was talking about psych wards, too, btw
You know, God loves you, I know you don't believe in Him, but he really does love you. I know you don't want to hear anything....... so i'll stop here.....
I'll be praying for you though.
@mnmwert heading to the doctor in a couple hours
I really think you should see a doctor or something. Why would you do something like that? (Not judging I promise)
I know you don’t believe in God, but I am praying for you.
@Jaybird1 the scary thing is that i don't know why. and thank you
I don't have advice other than to seek professional medical assistance, and I know you don't want to do that... However, I will certainly pray for you.
@futurefemalebach You;re welcome! :) I hope everything goes well.
Why did this happen exactly?
of all things, why disinfectant?
I am being an idiot and boosting my immune system by injecting my veins with poison ivy tea I made. Not sure if it will work, but so far so good.
@Aqueous Humourati @mnmwert @Jaybird1 @Alice Minguez @pigpag update guys i went to the pediatrician and he sent me to the er so now I'm in the emergency room. I got it marked to see if it gets bigger. they started an iv and are going to give me antibiotics and they did blood work and they're just waiting for the results. so yeah I'm in the emergency room and they're admitting me to inpatient to observe me overnight and they just want to see it go down before they discharge me. they said it was cellulitis. and i didn't tell them how. but I'm pretty sure ill be okay but I'm not going to school tomorrow.
@futurefemalebach I will be praying for you. Hope you'll recover soon. I'm relieved to know that you are in good hands.
@futurefemalebach I think you made a good choice, and I'm glad you'll have appropriate medical care! :)
@futurefemalebach Yayy glad things worked out okay for you!! Hope you enjoy your day off of school, too ;)
Remember my inbox is open if you ever need support.
(PS Cellulitis -- DID I CALL IT OR WHAT?? woot woot lol)
@pigpag @Aqueous Humourati @mnmwert @Alice Minguez Alright. So. I went to the hospital Monday and its now Thursday. They at first gave my Clindomycin or whatever it's called. something like that. After two days, it was still spreading and the redness and pain were not decreasing. The doctor started me on a new antibiotic, and also an iv pain med that is stronger than ibuprofen, which is what i was getting before. The pain med and antibiotic helped. Which brings us to today. Even though the antibiotic was working, there is no oral form of it available for me after discharge (since they said when I leave it wont be completely better , they just need to see a significant decrease). So they switched me to two different antibiotics, one oral, and one iv. I think they're just giving one iv dose though, explain later. They also did an ultrasound to see if the infection has gotten any deeper. We are still waiting for the results. The doctor is optimistic that i will go home tomorrow, it is definitely getting better though. there is a chance that i wont be able to go home. I've had labs done twice and today they switched my iv. I haven't been out of my room since Monday late night. And its Thursday night so I'm going a little crazy but hopefully i get to go home tomorrow.
@futurefemalebach Hope the infection will be gone in no time so that you can be discharged. Anyway it turned out that the medical attention has been absolutely necessary.
Glad to see everything is getting better! I hope you get to go home tomorrow. Best wishes and have a good night!
@futurefemalebach Thanks for the update; it's great to hear that you're doing better! :)
@futurefemalebach Thanks for the update - you have been in my thoughts!!
Hope you get to go home soon...and make sure you take ALL of the prescribed antibiotics (even if it seems better)!! Super duper important.
@Alice Minguez So i woke up this morning with this steady intense pain in my abdomen. It starts in the upper right quadrant and migrates to about under my ribs. It is extremely tender, and when i bend my torso i feel a sharp pain. Also something is off-ish about my mental status. I'm not sure what else to call it. I'm not tired, yet i can barely keep my eyes open. I feel like i'm going to faint, but I don't feel lightheaded, if that makes sense. That's the best way i could think of to describe it. when i talk i just end up mumbling because it's less work. If i touch the area of my stomach it hurts (but not as much as when i press) and when i press it hurts like f*** and then when i let go the pain stays for a moment then gets worse and then reduces. I also feel like i am going to throw up without feeling nauseous..
I'm 99% sure it's not gas pains. I've had them many times before and this is completely different.
I took some ibuprofen (that was prescribed for inflammation of my leg, which, btw, is clearing up nicely.) and it seems to help the resting pain, but again feeling it, well damn.
Do you have a general opinion?
I know you're not a doctor, but you know more than most on here....
I have a doctor's appointment at 2 today as a follow up for my leg.
Should I tell him? I don't want him to touch it, it hurts too much.
If i tell him, will he send me back to the hospital?
Is this some kind of new infection?
Please tell me it's not the beginning of sepsis.
Update: The light from the computer screen seems to have cleared my mind a bit.
@futurefemalebach Hmmm, maybe it's a side effect of the antibiotics? Antibiotics are notorious for causing nausea, vomiting, stomachaches, diarrhea, etc. (Because they kill ALL the bacteria -- including the good bacteria that live in your intestines, unfortunately.) Yeah, definitely ask your doc about it! Or you could even call the clinic to ask for advice. In the meantime, maybe try eating some yogurt with probiotics & see if that helps at all? I hope you feel better!!
@Alice Minguez also last time i checked which was like 2 minutes ago my resting heart rate was 122

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