What courses are you taking?

I recently started back college. I'm taking a physics class/lab and a writing Composition class. I like them a lot!


I’m only taking an introductory Global Studies course this next 8 weeks! I’m seeing if it’ll be something I want to minor in. It starts in a week and I’m very excited :D
I’m in the BMusic program, and I love it! I’m taking an atonal theory and musicianship class this sem, along with two history courses. I’m also the keyboardist for the uni’s wind ensemble.
I'm not anywhere near college yet, but I'm currently studying to CLEP College Algebra and Biology.
@Aqueous Humourati Awesome! The college algebra CLEP isn't too bad. It does cover both Algebra 1 and 2, though.
@Kenobunny Yeah, I'm almost done with it, and it was pretty easy since I had already learned the material. Not sure about biology, though...
@Aqueous Humourati Good luck on that one! Bio wasn't my best subject....
This year I am taking Roman History, Calc B, 17th Century Music, and Musicianship III.
Homeschool classes: English Lit 2, Physics, World History
College classes: Western Civ (8 wks.), Calculus 2 for engineers
Lighter course load this semester since I took lots of classes last semester.
I'm taking an online course on Classical Literature, I've thoroughly enjoyed the reading, but I have always struggled to write the essays for it, and even participate in the sessions. I've been thinking about dropping out, my grades are Ok right now, but being that I'm really far behind, and cannot focus on it anymore I feel like I need to let it go. I'm auditing a Musical History class and discussion at a local college, one that I also took Classical Latin and Greek last semester. I have just started Calculus and am finishing up my High-school Chemistry, which has been dull due to the lack of lab work. I'm in a finance course, taught by my mother, which is horrendous, not because my mother is a terrible teacher, or that the curriculum is outdated, but because my mother is the focus of financial security, instead starting up debates in the class and shutting people down midway through. I'm also in a book study, which includes essay writing in the layout, and that is somewhat enjoyable, despite everyone being in it are below my level of education.
I'm thinking about going to school next semester, homeschooling was good for what it was, but it has not been working for me lately, and as wrong as it sounds, I do need something of a social life.
IB Math SL
IB English HL
IB French SL
IB Physics SL
IB Chemistry HL
IB Psychology HL
IB Extended Essay
IB Creativity, Action, and Service
High school band
@Rebecca Y What do SL and HL stand for?
@Kenobunny Maybe math is a Second Language to her... XD Actually, I just searched for what it could mean, and got this list: https://acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/SL.
@Aqueous Humourati That would be awesome if math counted as a second language. :P
@Rebecca Y Awh... That's not very exciting! :(
I'm thinking about double majoring in physics and some sort of music at CWU. It's what my band director did
English 8 Honors
Integrated Science 8 Honors
Secondary Math I Honors
US History Honors
Digital Literacy (very boring, I would have loved this class in 3rd grade)
Health 8 (better than DL but not great)
Orchestra Level 2
I just got my schedule for this semester ironed out, so this is like perfect timing! :D
I'm in a choir, a "sound listening" class (whatever that means xD), abnormal psychology, a voice rep class, music theory II (I should really be in a higher level but whatever rip), an acting fundamentals class, an intro to lgbtq+ studies, and class piano II! :) I've got a good, well-spaced out schedule this semester, thankfully...no more hastily running to classes to make it on time anymore! xD
I'm curious - what are you guys doing in your writing composition class? :P

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