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β€’ Jan 10, 2019

I mentioned yodeling over in that questions discussion, and it reminded me of this video... This guy is the world's best yodeler, and quite entertaining (I think) to listen to. Everyone I share it with usually either really enjoys it or finds it completely annoying; which type are you?


Uhhhhhhh. I think I'm the latter... He's got a cool hat though.
I wonder what a bad yodeler sounds like..
@lizzapie Did you just search for "really bad yodeling"? That's what I did, and I found the same video...
@lizzapie Oh... well, I guess both searches describe it!
@lizzapie Why is he yodeling in walmart???
@lizzapie I bet he's going to hate that video when he gets older.
@Real Music LOL, but he has an EP out of him singing that song with a country/rock band... I don’t know if it would make a difference to how he perceives that video, though xD He was also on the Ellen show if I remember correctly...
I think it’s still better than rap...
Yodeling is actually really tough. There's some stuff I don't hate.
@Half Step
I agree
And I think it’s better than rap
Yodeling is super hard to do. I respect anyone that can do it that fast lol.
I know it's super difficult, but i still find it really annoying
Have you ever heard a clarinet player with good tone quality press down their keys while playing a melody? It’s the same when I hear the note change without his mouth moving. Would be annoying if I didn’t find it impressive.

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