What is Your Bucket List

β€’ Jan 12, 2019

What is the things you want to do and places you want to see before you kick the bucket?


1 To successfully circular breathe/compose one peice of music
2 Hike the application trail (the full length)
3 Have a good freind (Most people seem to either bitch about innocent people or lie.)
4 Learn Sign Languge
5Come out to my family successfully.
(In no special order:)
1. Visit England's lake district
2. Learn how to sail
3. Experience an IMAX theater
4. Create a YouTube channel
5. Give a solo piano recital
6. Attend a certain summer music camp (again)
7. Get my drivers license
8. Go scuba diving
9. Learn to play the bass
10. Perform a piano concerto with an orchestra
11. Win a photography contest
12. See a live Wintergatan performance
@Aqueous Humourati ooo I gave my own recital last June in preparation for my ARCT xD Was nervous as heck cause people (my piano teacher's other students and their families) actually bothered to show up just to listen to just ME :|
Anyway I got stage fright which sucked (ironic cause the whole reason my teacher organized a recital for me was so I could feel more comfortable playing my program with people watching) but overall it went okay with the exception of me suddenly blanking out at this one part xD
@Rebecca Y Oh, that's cool! :D I'm not sure why exactly I want to do one... I feel like it would be an amazing accomplishment (even though I'd likely be nervous) and a great motivator to make me actually polish up some pieces. I really enjoy playing piano informally already, so it'd probably be kind of fun, too.
Door to hell, Turkmenistan
Riga, Latvia
Japan (already been but would like to go back)
New Zealand
Anywhere along the alps really.
EDIT: for things to do I will do later.
Not that I don’t agree with you or anything like that, but why do you want to go to Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan? :)
@Jaybird1 For Turkmenistan I want to go and see the Door to hell with my own eyes. I'll get back to you later about Kazakhstan.
@NenchohFungus42 Israel is an interesting country. i would recommend to go during the spring or fall though because it's heat is insane. also the beaches there are amazing.
1. Go hang gliding
2. Go zip lining
3. Fly a plane
4. See a meteor shower
5. Learn and become fluent in French
6. Learn and become fluent in Mandarin
7. Ride a boat across the Atlantic Ocean
8. See the Milky Way
9. Work overseas
10. Drive a boat
11. Make sense when I speak
12. Have a traveling job
13. See a tornado (trees blocked my view of the one I could've seen)
14. Spend an entire day at the beach
15. Score a video game
16. Conduct an orchestra or concert band
17. Participate in the broken record for the most people dancing the Virginia Reel
I may possibly add more xD
@lizzapie #17, I didn't even know that was a thing...but now I want to do that too! That would be epic.
@pianodudette Yeah, it really would be epic! I’m not sure if there has ever been a record set for that yet, but it would be fun to start a challenge.
1.Places I want to go
A. Italy
B. New York City
C. Ireland
D. Thailand
E. Germany
F. Montana
G. Brazil
H. India
2. Things I want to do
A. Become a better composer
B. Participate in an orphanage program
C. Go skiing
D. Go on a cruise
E. Learn to surf
F. Publish a book
G. Take painting lessons
H. Learn to dance
I. Go zip lining
J. See the northern lights
K. Go hang gliding
L. Go on safari
M. Own a baby grand piano (I know I'll never be rich enough to buy a grand)
@NenchohFungus42 Idk, I just really want to go to Montana. It looks beautiful.
- go ziplining
- write a short soundtrack (or attempt to do so)
- learn flute
- learn a string instrument
- meet one (or more :P) of you guys in person (idk...I've always thought about what a musescore convention would look like :P)
- idk...go to uni and actually be able to survive on my own xD
- eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for the first time
- become less socially awkward/anxious
- be a better student
@Rebecca Y WHOA you've never eaten a peanut butter sandwich? :O I've probably had a couple hundred in my life time :P Btw, I too think it would be stellar to actually meet some of you guys.
@pianodudette lol yeah I've never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich xD
People everywhere are so shocked about it and it's hilarious. xD
@Rebecca Y Wow. When you do, make sure to have a glass of milk as well... its a heavenly combination!
@Rebecca Y A musescore convention would be cool! Id love to go but I hope its in North America, even though It'd probably be in Germany since I think the devs are German. Maybe there could be multiple? I dont know.
@SSS5 Well I think there's a pretty big chance it's gonna be in the US, if there is one. Cause about 90% of MS users are American (I think) so that's where they're gonna have to do it if they want people to show up :P
@Rebecca Y Oh that makes sense lol. I wonder where though... Itd be really weird if they did it in Alaska or Hawaii though lol
@SSS5 Uhhh yeah. That would make, no sense...
I want to ride down the street on a skateboard, carrying a trombone and blasting as I attempt to imitate a car.
Become a toilet cleaner and clean every toilets in the world.
I’ve always wanted to see Prague and Bratislava.
1. Tour Scandinavia
2. Play a Cor Anglais (well)
3. Conduct an Orchestra
4. Play a gehu
5. Attend a performance by the RCO
6. Visit whatever monument or museum DvoΕ™Γ‘k has
7. Play an 18th century pianoforte
8. Use a DAW
9. Listen to one of three the organs in the world that have a 64 ft. stop (It would probably be more of feeling the vibrations through the ground, but that is why I want to go. It won't sound right if you are not there in person because it is too low for most (or all?) microphones and speakers.)
But more than any other:
10. Have a friend that can converse with me on advanced musical topics. (I do to some degree here, but chatting online is not the same as doing so in person.)

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