Any simple pleasures of life? Put them here!

Jan 13, 2019

One that I just discussed is *ahem*...

The aroma that a cucumber releases, as it’s being peeled, and cut.


have you grated a lemon for zest? it's even better
@Real Music
No I haven’t, but it sounds amazing.
Waking up to the smell of bacon.
We saved 100 dollars switching to GEICO.
This is how it made me feel.
It was like that feeling when you’re mowing the lawn on a sunny day, and without even trying you end up with that one last strip that’s exactly the width of your mower.
When it’s done, it looks so good that you post a picture on social media, and it gets 127 likes.
@Anakin Stop Panakin Also, I just remembered, watching instrument reviews on instruments I don’t play.
Making cookies with my little sister.
@Jaybird1 Its always fun, especially when you have a sibling who can't sing for their life, another who refuses to sing, but yells out the chorus, and me, who cannot sing high notes so I sound really screechy
@Reluctant_Muse101 if you can't sing high notes, just take it an octave or a fifth lower
@ZackTheWaffleMan I try, but my range isn't very good in the first place :P
I’m the car with my brother, blasting music and singing! It was the best!
Reading comments on Musescore.
Those keyboards that make those click-clack sounds.
Hot showers
Fresh bread
Clean socks
When you're in the countryside/wilderness: Sitting down and admiring the beauty of nature
Taking photos of every flower/ fruit/ bird/ animal/ tree/ plant/ fungus/ interesting looking rock you see
anal with my gf. it made my day, but it made her whole week. i'm sorry guys

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