Favourite list?

Sep 9, 2017

So you probably all know that the pieces in your books are divided into "lists", with selections in each list being from different style periods. So which one do you like the most? And what's your favourite piece from the RCM that you're played so far?
List A-Baroque
List B-Classical
List C- Romantic
List D (level 8 or higher) - Post Romantic
List E (level 10 or higher) - Modern Era
List F (ARCT) - studies (these are in a separate book in level 10 and down)

I personally like List B the most. I also really like list C and most studies, but it's a lot harder to find stuff I really like in the other lists. I can play a lot of stuff from all the levels, but my favourites probably are:
-Rondo in D+ (level 10)
-Nocturne in E- (level 10)
-Study in Ab+ (level 10)
-To the Lute (level 9)
-Sonata in G+ by Beethoven (level 8)
-Sonata in A+ (level 8)
-Fur Elise (level 7)
-Sonatina in C+ (level 7)
-On the Lake (level 6)
-Dance (level 6)
-Rondo (level 5)
-Sonatina in F+ (level 4)
-Sonatina in G+ (level 4)
-Sonatina in G+ (level 3)
These pieces were probably among my favourites while I was doing the level (and I can still play them all today). I play piano btw.


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