Admin Wanted

Hello All,

As you can tell, I have not been a very active admin (haven't been on in over a year) so Im looking for a second admin to help run the group. Im looking for someone who is very active here on musescore and has at least 5 arrangements. If you are interested comment below.

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Job Offer

Bailey Music Arrangements is now looking for people to do custom arrangements.

We are looking for people with strong knowledge of music theory to help arrange songs. Please fill out the form on the site ( ) and we will contact you to further the application process. Please note this is a part time job with a non-guaranteed pay.

Job Requirements
Age 16+
Passion for music
A music notation program such as Finale or Musescore
Have previously arranged at least two songs
A valid email adress

You will recive 10% of proceeds from every song you arrange

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Let's have a contest.

I will pick 10 of my favorite arrangements posted in the group and you guys have to decide which one is your least favorite. Then the next week it will be 7, then 5, and so on till we get to the favorite. The prize is the feeling that you are the best arranger in this group and you get to become an admin for a month (you can decide who's part of the group and who's not).
I will pick my favorite ten on the 31st. Comment with which ones you think should be in the top ten (post the link). If you want one of yours to be considered comment with the link.


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