Red like roses II (album version) Trumpet

I’ve been looking for SSOOOOOOOO long for red like roses II album version that gives trumpet the melody, and I haven’t been able to find one, I have searched just about every sheet music website and app but can’t find one. If ANYONE knows of one or can compose one I would appreciate it SO MUCH. Thank you.

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2 months ago

An Introduction

Hey Everyone!
I'm new here, and by new, I mean new to RWBY itself as well. I got into RWBY just 5 days ago and finished watchin' yesterday actually. So just, hey everyone!
Curious, if anyone has made a transcription of "Caffeine" I will LOVE you (coffee addict here by the way, hehe)

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a year ago

Patreon for my arrangements!

Hey everyone!

As of yesterday, I have made a new Patreon to try to get funding to get a MuseScore Pro Account to make more arrangements of pieces, as well as a few original songs for a comic dubbing group I am with. Excess funds are going to be used to try and get Sibelius, to further enhance doing what I love for people who love music.
Please take a look here!

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a year ago

When it Falls

I'm working on the Volume 3 opening theme "When it Falls" Concert band arrangement and just wondering if anyone is willing to help out.

Guitar part is what I would need help with.

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3 years ago

Welcome to the group!

Hi everyone! If you're joining just now from the group page wondering about the peculiar word "RWBY", you're in for a treat! RWBY is an original anime-style 3D animation created by Roosterteeth with the soundtrack composed by Jeff Williams and sung by his daughter Casey Lee Williams. This group is for official transcriptions of songs from the soundtrack, as well as your own arrangements of RWBY music. This is also a place to discuss RWBY in general, although you'll find a much larger audience at the RWBY subreddit here: All the transcriptions that I post here from my multiple accounts are THE official transcriptions by Mark J-K, a student of Jeff Williams and the one that he trusts to transcribe everything. I merely take his transcriptions and create MIDI files from them that other people can download.

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4 years ago