Transcriptions for music from the amazing soundtrack of RWBY (all composed by Jeff Williams), an original anime-style show by Roosterteeth.

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On Aug 25, 2014
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Sheet Music

13 parts 81 pages 3 weeks ago by SparxRox pro 200 views
Choir Aahs (4), Acoustic Grand Piano (2), Distortion Guitar, Electric Bass (pick), Synth Strings 2 (2), Overdriven Guitar, Drumset (2)
11 parts 39 pages 3 weeks ago by SparxRox pro 279 views
Choir Aahs, Acoustic Grand Piano (2), String Ensemble 1 (4), Electric Bass (pick), Drumset (2), Tubular Bells
13 parts 84 pages 3 weeks ago by SparxRox pro 323 views
Choir Aahs (2), FX 4 (atmosphere), Electric Piano 2, Pad 1 (new age), Pad 2 (warm), Pad 7 (halo), Electric Bass (finger), Synth Strings 1, Synth Strings 2 (2), Drumset (2)
14 parts 28 pages 17 weeks ago by SparxRox pro 975 views
Choir Aahs (3), Acoustic Guitar (nylon) (2), String Ensemble 1 (4), String Ensemble 2, Acoustic Grand Piano, Drumset (2), Timpani
14 parts 57 pages 43 weeks ago by BenMazza99 6380 views
Flute (2), Clarinet (2), Alto Sax (2), Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax (2), Trumpet (2), Trombone, Bright Acoustic Piano, Drumset


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Welcome to the group!
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When it Falls
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Only music from the RWBY soundtrack is allowed. Transcriptions are preferable, arrangements are allowed. If you haven't seen the show already, go check it out at The first volume of season 1 is finished and available on DVD and Blue-ray, and the second volume of season 1 is currently airing. Want to discuss RWBY and share your fan art and cosplays? Go the the RWBY subreddit here: