Holiday Music Competition?????

We should do a competition for Winter Break and/or holidays associated between 12/22-2/7, like "the best winter holiday theme." It could consist of:
- band music, like concert band or wind ensemble (which includes symphonic band)
- Jazz band or other variants
- orchestra (greater than 15 instruments)
- solo with accompaniment(s)
- chamber music (which would probably dominate the contest) between 3-15 instruments, string orchestra also permitted as chamber music.
What is not allowed:
- Only a solo sheet, because that is basically useless.
- Percussion ensemble (did I mention that? probably not, see below *) without some sort of melody instruments, like glockenspiels or crotales (or other wind/string instruments)
- Submitting the score after the due date (because that wouldn't be acceptable)
- It does not have to be strictly holiday music, but can be instead a medley on what you like on winter break, or the dates presented.
- Imagery is not only acceptable, but encouraged.
(- If you are doing a medley, present the traditional piece's name with the part in the piece)
- If you are doing a variation (which would be awesome!!!!!) on holiday music, make sure that you put "Variations on Holiday Music" or "Variations on a Traditional Song" or "Variations on Jingle Bells," instead of "Jingle Bells"
- Please take off concert pitch.
- Creative titles, not just " Competition for Holiday Music"
- Place all uploaded score links here...
P.S. * Percussion ensembles can be both a large and small ensemble, but as stated above, it needs to have some sort of melody and not just snare and bass drum playing "Jingle Bells." If, and IF one does this, you put several timpani's together, there is less of a chance that you will win.

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5 years ago

uh hi!

I am new to this group and would like to see if you would go to my profile and listen to my pieces and thin if they're good or not. Thank you! I hope to hear all of your pieces as well!

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a year ago

New song!

Hi! I'm new to this group, so I was wondering if you'd give my latest piece a listen and maybe comment! I'd really appreciate the help because this will actually be performed!

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a year ago


We (Joseph and Hannah) have decided that every time we double in the number of followers (so right now we're at 5, so it'll be 10, 20, 40, 80, maybe throw in something for 100, 160, etc.) we will alternate posting an original composition to thank you! (It may or may not be very good. We're certainly not experts ;)

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2 years ago