Favorite String Quartets

Hello! I wanted to generate a little discussion on favorite string quartet compositions, from Haydn to Ferneyhough.

Some of mine:

Beethoven 10 (Harp)
Beethoven 13 with Grosse Fugue
Beethoven 16
Schubert 13
Schubert 15 (yes, both of these are better than Death and the Maiden!)
Brahms 3
Schoenberg 1
Schoenberg 2
Schoenberg 3
Bartok 6
Webern op 28
Stockhausen Hellicopter Quartet
Xenakis Tetras
Berio Sincronie
Lachenmann Gran Torso
Haas 3
Haas 7
Ferneyhough 5

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3 years ago