How Do You Deal with Composers Block?

I made another discussion in this group asking if you believed in composers block (everyone so far has said yes or a synonym of yes). I'd like to know how you deal with it. I personally just don't care if what I make is bad (life is waay too short to try to be perfect) and just keep going with it until it's not so bad (maybe even tolerable).

a year ago

Hey guys!!

Hey guys, I'm Rebecca (as you can see in my username), and I'm a fifteen year old amateur composer. I have synesthesia (I associate numbers, letters, scale degrees, and keys with colours. For me, keys also have moods/emotions). I do not have perfect pitch, but I have a pretty high accuracy when it comes to guessing pitches. I can also improvise in my head, though I rarely remember any of my melodies. I play piano and clarinet. I started playing piano when I was seven because my parents realized I could play simple melodies by ear even though I'd never had a lesson. I composed my first piece when I was eight. Unfortunately, I lost interest in composition shortly after that piece was finished.

Fast forward to March 2016, and I'd decided to start messing around with composition again, even though the only chords I knew how to use were I, IV, and V. But when my parents decided to take me out of piano, I used my compositions (which were not that great at the time) to convince them I was actually "talented", and it worked. So here I am now, still trying to expand my harmonic language but making decent progress (I think). I don't think I have much talent in composition but I don't think my music is too terrible, either.

a year ago

Anyone willing to orchestrate my piece?

Hey guys!! So I've been thinking about this for a while now...I think my composition Shine Through ( would sound really cool orchestrated (thx pika0009 for suggesting this as well) :D

Soooo...I was wondering if any of you were willing to give it a go (I don't have any experience with orchestras in general as I don't know anything about the instruments and I've never played in one before) Thanks in advance!!
Feel free to ask any questions. :)
and just so I know exactly who's doing this-you only have permission to start after you've commented below and I've responded :)

11 months ago

Try this

If you write Β - 2 - 2 + = Β with a pencil it sounds like "Chim chimney" from Mary Poppins :D

9 months ago

Are anyone's score's disappearing??

For some reason, my scores are disappearing from the homepage of my channel. They're not deleted, but they've disappeared. I can't be the only one that is experiencing this. Please reply. Thanks.

a year ago

My "superpower" (Since everyone else is, I might as well)

I have really good relative pitch, and a bit of trained perfect/absolute pitch (I can tune my guitar to within a couple hertz or so of what the string is). I can physical feel the pulse of most, if not all songs, which really helps when I get pieces like "Sky Dance" by Richard Saucedo or something like that. It also helps me understand odd time signatures (ie 7/8, 5/4, 11/16, whatever).

But my main superpower is pretty much my improvisational skill. I won the best overall soloist award at the Music In The Parks competition in eighth grade. On guitar. And that award could have gone to one of the best singers in our entire school, or even to another school's musician. And the best part: I made the solo up on stage (If I can get a link I'll put it here, it might be up on youtube somewhere). And to be perfectly honest, even now, if I improvise, I probably can't replay whatever I make up.

Oh yeah, and I only loosely actually follow the rhythms written on the page in jazz band (on guitar). I obviously try to follow chords, but unless it's either actual notes written out, or like the entire band is playing that rhythm, I just kinda feel the groove (maaaaan~ *sips latte* *throws scarf around shoulder*).

And another thing about my composing (not to sound too pretentious): I think about music more mathematically than most. That's probably because I started in a DAW, not in traditional composition, so I learned about automating parameters of synths before I learned about proper chord voicing and voice leading stuff (AP MUSIC THEORY WOOOOOOO). And by mathematically I'm not talking about calculating what pitches sound good together, I mean like thinking about how much reverb to put on the synth and how many unison voices it should have and what kind of waves it should have plus their offsets and a whole lot more stuff like that. Because deep down, my inner computer science nerd is poking the inner music nerd with an audio jack and asking to be let out :)

a year ago

Composers contest :D

so I guess If it's okay with the admins I'll post a contest on the group: say, any original composition, deadline on midnight new years day, eastern standard time.

Songs will be judged by:
Musicality: 10 points total (Can't just be random notes strung together)
Theory Usage 10 points total (does it stick to the same chord progression or not? What forms of theory does it use?)
Development 10 points total (A song is like a story, if it doesn't build it looses its appeal)
Structure/cleanliness 10 points total (Gotta be able to read it! XD)
Originality: 10 points total (Are the songs too similar to any other song entered?)
Level of Interest: 10 points total (is it interesting to listen to? can it maintain ones attention?)
Polishedness: 10 points total (Is the piece polished, are the transitions smooth, do the chords work?)
Superpower: 10 points total (do you use your superpower?)

maximum possible score: 80

to enter the contest simply enter a link to the piece in the comments and state your superpower. Add MWSC1 to the title.

My 'superpower'

err. can you define superpowers? because I was reading through some of the other people powers and they weren't like synesthesia or perfect pitch. I am not trying to demean your abilities, but being good at arranging and composing? is that a 'superpower'? because, it isn't really like a 'power' like synesthesia is. i am a little confused, but if you want a real super power (ish) lol I guess here:
I am ambidextrous and (if this even counts which i'm not sure it does) composing since age 12 and being able to pick up woodwinds and play them? e.g.: different types of clarinets, dizis, whistles, sax.

a year ago

My talent

Hi! My name is Jakob. I maybe don't have synesthesia or perfect pitch (I'm not sure), but I can improvise quite well. I actually think my "superpower" is, that I can already compose well, although I'm 12 years old.

a year ago

Admin Contest #2 WINNER

Before I say who the winner is, I just want to say that this was one of the hardest contests I think I ever had to judge. Well done to everyone so much! I tried to work out the winner through an elimination process but I didn't know who to cross out first! I'm not going to say the order, who came first, second etc but I am saying that it was very VERY close. You are all so talented!

So! The winner is...............*drum roll*:
lizzapie! With her wonderful piece Ethereal. It reminded me of a beautifully dark movie soundtrack like that of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows or something similar.

So well done to lizzapie, and thank you all so much! Keep composing, arranging and doing what you all do best. You all did amazing!

a year ago

Admin contest #2

So we have had many new members since our last contests, so I'm giving everyone the chance again! Here's what you have to do:

Create a score that best shows off your skill. If you have synesthesia, create a score inspired by it! If you can play by ear, then maybe make an arrangement of a song you've done by ear. If you have lots of talent, then use your best score (the one you are proudest of) that best shows it off. If you have something different....well, you'll just have to work out what do do, but hopefully you get the idea. Then, in the description of your score, explain how your superpower helped with your score.

Use the tag: SuperMusers.

Post your score in this group, add a link to it in the comments below, and I will judge. You may have one entry, and the deadline is 20 November 2017. If you entered the previous contest you may enter again, with the same score if you wish but I would recommend using a different one. Christian Raduns and I will judge. Good luck!

a year ago

Odd Subscribers

Does anyone know anything about those weird Musescore subscribers? You know the ones that follow you but don't have any favorites of your own or any favorites or scores at all on their profile?? They're like everywhere on Musescore and I don't understand why. I hope I'm not the only one who has this problem..... :/

a year ago

My Superpower (Because all the cool kids are doing it)

Compared to everyone else here, who has perfect pitch and the ability to play by ear and whatnot, I'm not really the most talented. Nevertheless, my 'superpower' would either be my ability to completely master a song very quickly once I know the basic structure/progression of it, or the fact that I can make music made in musescore not sound fully like a MIDI. Some people can't even believe that I didn't use FL Studio or some other expensive software to create my music.

a year ago

My superpowers

If I know how a song goes in my head, I can play it on the piano almost instantaneously, though flawless playing takes more practice and classical is far more difficult as it is more complex.

a year ago

Favourite pieces of music

List below your top 10 favourite pieces and their composers! If you can, leave a link to the music on youtube etc with each one.

a year ago

So, I'm here now.

According to Cl4rin3t, I had the talent to join this group? I have absolutely no idea why anyone would think that, but hi!
I'm Callie, I'm 13, I'm transgender, I go through weird bouts of depression like every week, and I really enjoy writing fan-music for Undertale and Homestuck.
If you wanna listen to any of my work, I suggest you start with this one, as it is my best (in my humble opinion) song: ((USE THE LINK IN THE DESCRIPTION TO HEAR THE ACTUAL THING PLEASE))

So yeah! I hope I'll get to know all of you amazing musicians better.

(my discord is helplessAnxiety#0835 if you were wondering)

a year ago

Musescore Composing Contests HQ

Love composing? Join the MCCHQ group for the chance to participate in many composing contests of all different themes! Upcoming contests include:

#4-Transcribe a sound
Write a score that depicts a sound, like human talking, bird song...anything!

#5-Your favourite book theme
Create a theme or medley of themes for your favourite book or series (that hasn't been
turned into a film or tv series)

#6-Free reign
This is your chance to do whatever you want! Compose anything, for anyone! You can
submit existing pieces too.

...With many more to come!

So join the club and get composing! It would be great to have some people in this group participating,

a year ago

Group: MCCHQ

So I know a lot of you will already have joined this group, but I have set up a composing contests group here on musescore. The Sanman and I have already judged the first competition, but new ones are arriving soon. We haven't had many submissions for #2, orchestrate your life, where you write a theme for your life and use music to describe what happened in it. For this competition you have go download my Orchestra template. The deadline for this contest was supposed to be 10 Oct, but I'm holding off until I get more entries. So join! Contests #3 and #4 are up now too as well. So find one you like and give it a shot. It is free entry to the group, no need for membership requests. You can find the group in my groups list on my profile.

a year ago

Need a bit of help

So I've been trying to achieve the bill-wurtz-ish modern jazzy sound but can't seem to get it right. Can anyone help me with this style?

a year ago

Really need advice!

Okay, so there's an open evening for an exhibition coming up and I said that I would play piano during the event as sort of background music. I thought I had plenty of music, but after looking through my many folders I realised I didn't have as much as I thought I did. I want to find some easy ish pieces in a classical/elegant style, possibly similar to the music of einaudi and composers alike. If you have found any really good piano solos on musescore then please post the links below! They can be original compositions also if they are in that sort of style. If you can imagine someone playing it in the background them it will be great! Thank you! And I really really hope there are some! They don't have to be yours, just if you find some then please tell me.

a year ago

Different types of music, and other things...

So I know we pretty much all enjoy classical music, but what other types do people enjoy? Does where you live have a style of music by itself? Also, do some things in music theory change depending on where you are? It would be interesting to see what different things people think of.

a year ago