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Notice about Surya Dorval

Hello dear Talentscouts.

I did a bit of research and then I came across the Surya Dorval. The person has composed a really great piece and I can not help it ... I really have no choice but to report this person as a talent.

Look here:

The person has really serious skills. It makes me happy when I listen to Surya Dorval!

Takes my note to the person Surya as a nomination. I would suggest that we get 2 days to listen to Surya's Repetoire to make ourselves a subjective and objective picture of each other. Then weref

Subsequently, I would suggest that our admin use the message function of MuseScore to inform Surya that she is nominated to become a member of our group, or I would suggest that our talentscouts found an extra group for new stars at the Musical heaven, with persons as member, that we reported!

I´m waiting for Feedback!

a year ago

The Next Talent Scout Admin!

To determine who will become the next admin, there will be a contest held from now until the end of the month. Your score will be graded on creativity, and how well it sounds. So, do you have what it takes?

6 years ago