ok I agree

let's make this the biggest group in musescore with 10 million members. why not. 10 million is just a fraction of the world's population. maybe we should just aim for a billion members, why not, as likely to get that as to get 20. it would be amusing.

4 years ago

promote your group and your music

it occurred to me that there isn't really any place on musescore to advertise your own group or music shamelessly but enthusiastically so I decided to add a discussion inviting anyone to promote their music or group here. Go for it. Maybe it will get some folks to listen to your musical genius.

3 years ago

the rhyme of the ancient DYDD

Before the light of dawn
The secret Audobon
Sets a wretched trap
The DYDD takes a nap

"Destroy the DYDD!"
Is the solemn decree
The secret Audobon cause
The DYDD just laughs and caws

The assassins lie in wait
So full of terrible hate
All dressed in pink pajamas
With lots of yellow bananas

When suddenly, there is a sound
It's that waddling clown!
The DYDD is come
Is it so very dumb?

The trap snaps tight
But the DYDD's nowhere in sight
And in the light of morning's dawn
All their bananas are gone

3 years ago

comments, suggestions box

how many roads must a DYDD waddle down
before you can call it bird
yes, and how many flights must a DYDD take
before you can say, that's absurd
the answer, my friend is cawing in the wind
the answer is cawing in the wind

here, you can enter any comments or suggestions or continue the lyrics or make a song or ignore it all together which is aok too
just remember, the world is a better, happier, and sillier place because of the DYDD

3 years ago

DYDD, where are you?

Follow the adventures of the DYDD here:


also, post your own comments about the DYDD here as well such as
1) any recent sightings
2) methods of capturing it
3) should it become extinct?
4) does it have a favorite music and do you think writing a DYDD song might help capture it?
5) any other fascinating thoughts or ideas

4 years ago

The spread of the DYDD

We must make stickers of the DYDD and give them to everyone who knows about the DYDD. We will got to schools and teach about the DYDD. We all must participate.

5 years ago


NEW CONTEST (Oct 4, 2014)


Put your name to music. That’s right, immortalize yourself in musical notes. You could have your own signature musical motif just like some of the great composers. All you need to do is compose an original composition assigning the letters of your name to musical notes. Be creative and use any rhythm and harmonies you want as well as any length of composition and any instrumentation. Use any system you want for assigning musical notes to letters. As an examples, a simple cypher for converting letters to notes might be as follows:

Leterr: A b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
Note: a b c d e f g a b c d e f g a b c d e f g a b c d e
Octave 1 octave 2 octave 3 octave 4

Thus, if your name were ‘chinadoll’, your musical signature would be:


So, give it a try for fun and submit your cool tune to this new wacky contest. Anyone can join. End of the contest will be Dec 1.

4 years ago

The DYDD Hall of Fame Contest Winners

The DYDD Hall of Fame Contest Winners


July 2014……..First Place…………...zoewut……………..."dydd variation"
………………….Second Place…… ...LMWeinreich……….."La Stanza Ingombra"

4 years ago

New DYDD contest

Compose (or decompose if you will) a new variation on the Downy Yellow Dingle Dork theme (see piano part, measures 35-42).
The winner will receive highest accolades and a place on the Dingle Dork Hall of Fame. Just post your variation in this group. The contest should end in a couple of months assuming there are any entries. Chinadoll the administrator will be the judge and will not be allowed any entries into the contest. Good luck.

5 years ago