Hi there, I made a group!

So I'm a classical Cellist and vocalist, But recently i've been dabbling in modern music, Idk why I would stoop to that, But I did, and I couldn't really post it in the classical groups that i'm in, Because its for classical music... Duh. So I am creating this group for any other people who might have the same conundrum as me. So Join! And have fun! (And its not just for that, Its for any original music, Or new thing you are trying :D)


a year ago

Technical Criticism Please?

I've been working on a piece for a while now and I'm trying to make some finishing touches so my school can play it next year. At this point any criticism would be great; if you notice something that sounds off or if you've got any suggestions I'd really appreciate them!

Here it is: http://musescore.com/user/24564/scores/103901
*note* I haven't put in all the articulations and dynamics yet, so just ignore those (:

5 years ago

Critique please

There are two songs that I would really like critique on: Through the Snow and a song thats name is Really needs Critique. Also please don't comment on the length of them because that has always been an issue for me. I always tend to write very short songs. BTW I'm only 11

6 years ago


Welcome to the Group!
Tell me some about yourself (if you want to):
1) What instruments do you play, if any?
2) How long have you been playing that/those instrument(s)?
3) What is your favorite song of mine?

Also tell me if you are happy with this group.
Thank you!!!!!

6 years ago


Hi :D Who know how put an image file in to a first page of a score? :(

6 years ago


How can I add my score on this group for know your think about it? :)

6 years ago