Never Have I Ever

not sure how this will work, but I suppose we can try, right? You say something that you have never done, and people reply saying if they have or haven't.
Pianodudette: |||||||
Black Neon: |||||||||
Bopple: ||||||||
Astronix2: |||||
Lizante: |||
Emoji Queen:||
Musical Rattlesnake: ||||
LeptuneX: |
Legendian: ||||
Jaybird: |||

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6 months ago

Story time!

It’s been a while since I’ve seen one of these!

Just put one word. And then let someone else put a different word. And with all these words, we shall build a story!

(I think we all know how to play this game 😂)

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a month ago

Board less scrabble.

Um so basically you pick a subject and then say a random word in that subject. After that you say another word with the letter that the last word had. 
mmkay the subject is animals
Person 1: dog
Person 2: Gazelle 
etc etc

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6 months ago

Word at a Time

So this is basically the same game we played in RSA.

For those who don’t know, we make a story, but players can only post 1 word /punctuation mark at a time. You can’t post 2 or more consecutive words. Be warned- the story is probably going to get very, very weird...

CHANGE OF RULES: Screw the punctuation rule. Everyone ignored are now allowed to post punctuation marks.

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5 months ago

Truth or Dare

Idk how to do this but I guess commit yes if you want to play, then I will add you to the T or D game!!!

Players: Black Neon, pianodudette, astronix2, zombie pigdragon, Nenchoh Fungus the Aaple user.

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6 months ago

20 Questions!

The rules are as follows: There will be a cycle of people that have to ask a set of 20 questions to a person that has something in mind. Anytime someone guesses the right answer they get a point. The person with the most points wins.

Every 7 pages of the discussion, the scores will be reset, and the person with the most points at that time would win.

Format your questions like this:

1. Question
2. Question

The person who is thinking of something will post a comment on this discussion. All guesses by someone else will be REPLIES to that comment. Anyone can guess!

If you think you know what the object is, post a reply with your guess. GUESSES COUNT AS QUESTIONS, so put the question number next to your guesses as well.

AFTER 20 QUESTIONS, if nobody has guessed, the person that was thinking of their thing gets a point.

I'm gonna post an example on this discussion just in case everyone is confused as to how it works..

Post a comment saying you are participating if you wish to!


Participants: Astronix2, Nenchoh Fungus the Aaple user,

Cycle: Nenchoh Fungus the Aaple user, Astronix2

Currently up: Nenchoh Fungus the Aaple user

Astronix2: 0
Nenchoh Fungus the Aaple user: 0

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6 months ago

Tell your best creepypasta story with use!,!,! The creepiest wins...........bragging rights, I guess.

Normally you sleep soundly, but the thunderstorm raging outside is stirring you from your sleep. You begin to doze, then another crash jolts you awake. The cycle lasts most of the night. So you lay there, eyes open and outward, looking at your room stretching out before you in oblong shadows. Your eyes move from nameless object, to object, until you reach your mirror, sitting adjacent to you across the room.

Suddenly a flash of lighting, and the mirror flickers in illumination. For a scant second the mirror revels to you dozens of faces, silhouettes within its frame, mouths open and eyes blackened. They stare out at you, their black pupils fixed upon your face.

Then it is done. Are you sure of what you have seen? Unsettled, you don’t sleep for the rest of the evening. The next morning you remove the mirror from your wall and toss it in the trash. It didn’t matter if the vision you had seen was of truth or falsehood, you wanted to be rid of that mirror. In fact, you scrap every mirror in your house.

Weeks pass and the event of that night falls into passive memory. You are spending the day at a friend’s house and it’s time to use the bathroom. While you are in there the faucet starts to run without you prompting it. Taken aback by this, you do not yet act, trying to reason with your paranoia in your mind. The water starts to steam and a skin of moisture covers the mirror up above. You’re watching intently as words form:

“Please return the mirrors. We miss watching you sleep at night.”

Really just a funny one though

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6 months ago

Let's have a vote! Admin contest.

So vote on the person you think would be the best admin. U are allowed to vote for yourself, because I have faith that at least one of you would know someone better than your self. Im not going to vote. Vote for anyone in this group. You have 3 votes.

Scores so far:

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6 months ago

Any good free Steam game recommendations?

I just finished You Have to Win the Game and the trial version of vvvvvv but I don't have money to get full games so...any suggestions on a good free game? Considering that these are free games, graphics and processing power shouldn't be an issue for me either, so just whatever comes to mind.

Edit: I should probably mention that I already play Brawlhalla and VRChat as well

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6 months ago