I'm the new owner

Hey Guys!
I'm Phia and I'm the new owner of this group.
I really hope to improve this group to the best of my abilities so if you have anything you'd like me to do let me know!
I'm also hoping to get a few more Admins for this group so if you'd like to become one just tell me!
Have a good night!

a month ago

Bends on the guitar.

I’m wondering if anyone knows how to incorporate a bend on the guitar, I’m trying to get a smooth transition between a half step and so far I haven’t been able to produce this effect.

2 days ago

Competition for non-pro users!

Hey guys,

Last year I did a competition for non-pro users in which the winner received a pro account for a month as well as a few other things.
I am starting up the competition again! 
So if you are a non-pro user that would like a pro account, please head to this link: 
There will be a discussion (the only one in the group) that will tell you what you need to do in order to enter. 
If you won in the previous competition, you will not be allowed to enter into the competition again. If you previously entered but didn't win you are more than welcome to go again this year!

Hope to see some submissions soon!! 

3 days ago

What key is this actually?

So... This petite piece  
 has it's inspiration from a little musical sketch I made with the melody a few days ago (16/05/2019). This also marks the first official try at the mazurek (mazurka), although, it is inspired from Chopin's mazurkas, I have not modeled anything except the introduction after his composition. So, if anyone knows the form better than I, and see idiosyncratic things here on the score, then please don't hesitate to point them out for me, as I still have much to learn.  

I am a bit unsure if I should change the key to g minor or c# minor, As both those keys also have ties with the piece, however, I don't know if it would be harder to read that way and besides the piece is also so chromatic and harmonically weird that I don't dare to put any # or b in there yet. So, right now it's in A minor. If you have some insight on this issue, please let me know! :) 

Edit: Some small improvements have been made. Shoutout to @JustisB for helping me, by providing insightful suggestions and feedback.  

7 days ago

Would like some feedback on K 545 arrangement

I have arranged Piano Sonata K 545 for a string quartet. It only took me  2 hours to arrange the entire first movement. The last time I have made  an arrangement this quick was when I arranged The Four Seasons for a  flute and piano duet. All my other arrangements have taken days to  months to complete.

I only have the first movement of K 545  finished so far but if it took 2 hours to arrange the first  movement(which is by far the most complex movement of the sonata), then  it shouldn't take all that much longer to arrange the second and third  movements. Maybe I will even get the sonata arrangement finished by  tonight.

I would like some feedback on my arrangement for string quartet. Here is the link:


22 days ago