God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Pentatonix)

Hey, y'all! I'm a young autistic transcriber (14 y/o) who is working her way up to compositions. I play the piano, the violin, and I sing as well. I'd like to have some feedback on my first Pentatonix score. I will most likely be doing more of these in the future.

Note that this is on a different notation software, NoteFlight, because I am unable to open and operate the actual MuseScore notation program itself on my Chromebook.


Thank you for taking the time!
Kylie Beam / ptx_fangirl •

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a month ago


I'm not angry at anyone, but every time I see this mistake it gets me goat:

Creation of sheet music that is based on a piece that already exists.

These two mean the same thing. This is the creation of sheet music that is based on your own original piece.

Just wanted to make sure everyone keeps that in mind. :)

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a month ago

Would anybody be willing to help me please?

Hi everybody, my name is Alan and I have what may be a strange request. To preface, I am actually not a musician, and am unable to read sheet music. I also play an online video game (the game is called MapleStory 2 if anybody is curious) in which you can use midi files in order to play music in the game. 

That being said, I have purchased sheet music for a song (Tame Impala - The Less I Know The Better) online and would like to please ask if anybody would potentially be willing to transcribe the sheet music into MuseScore for me so that I can acquire an midi file for it.

The first place I checked was here, but there were no full versions of the song, and I have looked everywhere else online and could not find anywhere to purchase an midi file for the song. I have also already attempted to use various visual pdf scanners to convert to midi, but with no success.

If anybody would be willing to help me out with this, please let me know, and I can send you the sheet music.

Thank you @ the MuseScore community.

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2 months ago

Patreon & Youtube info

Hey everyone,

I don't know how I haven't found this group yet (I'm not on Musescore all that often), but I think I fit the bill pretty well. Some of you might know me, I'm the guy that transcribes Lucky Chops and Too Many Zooz (and other) stuff, and I just wanted to let you guys know that I have a Patreon that you can support me at! Don't worry, my sheets will still be free on this site, but I don't make any money from Youtube and my transcriptions do take a hell of a long time, so if you're a regular downloader of my stuff I'd appreciate if you donated (you'll also get to see all my works-in-progress).

Also, for people who only know me on here, I have a Youtube channel as well where  I sync up my transcriptions to the live recordings they're based off of. This is why some of my transcriptions sound weird at times on the MIDI playback, because I prioritize them representing the real audio. Anyway, toss me a subscription if you want!

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3 months ago

Feedback on transcription

This is my first time trying to transcribe a song. It's a transcription of Mountains by Message to Bears and it is featured in Life Is Strange. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlKhWkKpMEU
I would like to have some feedback on what I did well and what I could improve in this transcription. As is, it is playable with a bit of hand swapping here and there.
The transcription is here: https://musescore.com/user/12096521/scores/5221950/s/WSwPEu

EDIT: sorry about some random 4 beat rests, I forgot to delete them. I will fix that in my final version

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4 months ago


Hello! I have this song that I have been dieing to learn how to play but I can't seem to find any sheet music for it. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to make and/or transpose some sheet music so I could play this song. The name of the song is conqueror by Sendra ft. IA and it would be greatly appreciated if you could make this playable for the flute. Thanks!


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5 months ago

Assistance with lyric transcribing?

I've been attempting to transcribe the lyrics off this video for a while now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPhmOFXTVzo

I've long since transcribed an instrumental version of it from sheet music, but as far as I know the song version was not published as such, only as recordings. It's been easy for me to just layer a vocal part ontop of the instrumental, but what's not easy is figuring out the lyrics from a 100-year old recording, and I figured I'd have other people see if they could do any better.

Here's what I have so far:

Key: [?] = Unknown word, [???] = Multiple unknown words, [wordswordswords] = Guesses.
Down at the races keeping paces we don't care a [rat]
People are here from far and near to see the handicap
And everyone's taken their bets you see
They're backing their favorite one to see
The jocky is handed a horse is a dandy a positive winner is he
Look at the [?] with [hair in piles] and chaps of every sort
Cutting a dash with [?] of cash he thinks himself a sport
A [problem] that you can [?] reach the ears
And follow a volley of shouts and cheers
The crowd is excited and all a delighted as soon as the favorite appears
Now the fun has begun they are prepared to start
All the people are watching the [?] to see
With their hearts overflowing with ecstasy
Now the [cry] you hear far and near
[Grappling] every heart
The favorite [leads] [???]
There they go in a row oh what a lovely start
It's a hundred to one that you must confess
[That in] taking the win or you lose [you get]
Like a lighting flash [won] the dash [?] every heart
Away! x2 The galloping steeds depart
At home they fly they dance with your eye you don't think where you are
But [?] in doubt then running about you'll cry hurrah hurrah
The whip [?] crack [?] over the track [as many] horses fly
[???] x2 excitement now is high
The favorite horse is making a course the jock he makes a [?]
"Of course of course [he'll win awards]" the crowd begins to cry
He [nears] the track and way in the back [???] the judges place
Hooray! Hurrah! The favorite wins the race
See them all [???] [check]
You would imagine they break their neck
[???] slow
The fun is done and everyone prepares to leave the place
A look of glee you plainly can see on almost every face
We all return with [???] so we don't [care a rat]
Open wine! [???] We're back from the handicap

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9 months ago

Transcription request

I would be grateful truly grateful if someone could transcript infinity before the dawn. Such a beautiful song I have dying to learn how to play it. There are a lot of intricate parts that I myself as a newbie have had a difficult time figuring it out. This is all for educational purposes.

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10 months ago

Mononoke Hime

Just a little piece I transcribed...
Themes from the Ghibli Film, Mononoke Hime (The Princess Mononoke). Originally composed by Joe Hisaishi

Comments are appreciated!

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a year ago

Patreon for my arrangements!

Hey everyone!

As of yesterday, I have made a new Patreon to try to get funding to get a MuseScore Pro Account to make more arrangements of pieces, as well as a few original songs for a comic dubbing group I am with. Excess funds are going to be used to try and get Sibelius, to further enhance doing what I love for people who love music.
Please take a look here!

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a year ago

Can use a little help

Hi all,

First off, I am a noob in arrangement and transcribing. I can get the melody and cords fairly well, but with tracks like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qv43ay58618y8eq/06%20No.05%20Trinity%20Blood.m4a?dl=0

I would like to put the different instruments together so I can play on a piano but I don't know how (like, how to add in the chorus and the drum beats). Can't find any sheet music out there either. Anyone please help? If anyone can do it on a commission basis that's cool too! :) Thanks!!

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a year ago

A little help?


I can find no good sheet music of this song. It's really simplistic but I am pretty much incapable of transcribing on my own. I don't need the drums or a full band, but getting the basic melody (and the two chords that get repeated over and over after every part on the sax) would be a major help. I want to make a song based on this one, sorta like how Die House was based on Minnie the Moocher.

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a year ago

Help me?

I'm having a lot of trouble transcribing this song. I just need the beginning part done (The first forty seconds.) Everything else I can either do myself or use other sheet music pieces I found.

I can only find one midi file online that contains the first part of the song, and it isn't accurate enough for me to make sense of.

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a year ago