Thank You!

I want to thank Firefly Mango and the rest of you guys for allowing me to be in this group. You guys were actually the first to invite me to join a group here on MuseScore, and that really encouraged me.
I know that I already put this on here yesterday, but every year I put together a medley and a video as a way to say thank you to all the people who have helped me through out the year. 
I hope you guys enjoy it, and I want to thank you again!

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a month ago


Hey guys, I just posted an arrangement of Andrew Boysen, Jr.'s "Kirkpatrick Fanfare" and I was hoping I could get a few of you to take a look at it. I was pretty happy with it aside from Measures 132-150 in the Trombone 1 part. I can't quite figure out the chord structure that I would like here but I would like the top part to kind of sail over the rest without covering up the real melody. Take a look and tell me what you think!


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a year ago


I like to do a competitions of arramgements in this group in this way:
We can post in a discussion about competitions the link to arrangements and, in another discussion we can vote. The first two songs (ordered by vote number) will be choosen and we will able to do another vote about only this two songs (they will begin from 0, for example if there are four songs, the fourth has 2 votes, the third 5, the second 9 and the first 15; the first and the second will have another vote, they will start from 0 and the song that has the bigger number of votes will win).
What do you think? Is it a good idea?

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a year ago

Competition Results

Best Score: Journey to Mars (by Celliot P.)

Critiquer: ray8am clarinet

Most Scores: Chain Link and TatlTael (tie)

Most Improved: Dr. Clementine

First Post: IanIPL

First Join: GMSoundProductions

Random Discussion: Robin M. Butler

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2 years ago


Hello unprofessionals! It is now time to vote for best score and MOST IMROVED musescorian in the group! Comment below with your nominee and score of choice.
Choosing someone or a score already nominated by someone else is perfectly fine.
One rule: Be honest!
Voting ends the 31st. If you have questions, ask away!
We'll see how this goes :)

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2 years ago


nearly Christmas. why not get into the early Christmas season? i am bored so i am doing the worst remix/messing about with percussion of different Christmas music. any advice for anything that sounds christmassy? im also going to put little songs like first noel on clarinet

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2 years ago


The following awards are up for grabs! More will likely be added, so tell me your ideas! Winners will be listed in a different discussion:

Popular Discussion Award: For the first person to create a discussion with 30+ replies

Best Score Award: Voting will be from 12/1 to 12/31

Rapid Score Producer Award: For the person who adds the most scores to the group by 12/31/16

2016 Critiquer Award: For the person who critiques/comments on scores (in this group) the most by 12/31/16

2016 Most Improved Award: For the person whose compositions/arrangements improve the most by 12/31/16 (this will be by vote)

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2 years ago

i kinda want advice...

i had looked at all the pieces you talented people have done. they are good and complex.
and me? im a Y8 basic love playing music boy. i like playing pieces off by heart. what do?
i did make tetris A on clarinet (if i do do pieces it will be on the bb clarinet) but it wasn't good. any advise if i make a piece by ear? i think ill make tetris again... and game music... but i want to improve, do music accurately. i can play pieces of by heart if i play them for a bit like marche slave... do you have suggestions on what to do

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2 years ago


Hey guys! For intros I was thinkin everyone say their:
Favorite food
Favorite movie or tv show
Favorite instrument &
Favorite composer
If there's anything else you want say about yourself you can add that too :)

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2 years ago