New Competition! - 3 or fewer staves!

(If I can't do this an admin will tell me and I will tell them to restart the group, if no one tells me not to or it's ok anyway, we have a new competition so the group restarts)

Create a song that uses 3 or fewer staves and a maximum of two voices on each stave!
You will be judged on:
Playability - (no ridiculous chords to work around stave numbers)
Readablilty - How neat the score is
Listen-ability - How good the overall song sounds

You have until the 21st where I will then judge the entries!
Have fun!

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a year ago


If you have any questions or advice or general comments, please post them here.

There is a v1,000 penalty for spam. So please, no spam!

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2 years ago

First competition!! | CLOSED

So, this group is finally "starting". What better way to top it off with a competition?

Submit a composition, or submit an arrangement. BUT DON'T SPECIFY IF IT'S ONE OR THE OTHER. Don't put the composer's name if it's an arrangement.


The judges will judge the songs and the best-sounding song will win, assuming at first they are your own compositions. BUT, if we catch anyone arranging, you are deducted 10 out of 100 points. It's either take a huge risk or write your own song. No v's are deducted if you are caught. But taking the easy route isn't as easy as it may sound; you have only 2 weeks to get it done. The winner gets ONE THOUSAND v's, second place gets 700, and third gets 500; keep that in mind. But you'll still get 100 v's if you participate. <3

IMPORTANT: At the end of the competition, when the winner has been decided, you MUST tell if it was an arrangement or a composition, for copyright/safety reasons.

Yukkuri shiteitte ne! Good luck, and have fun!

For those of you who may not feel up to the task entering a competition, don't worry. There are other ways to win V's!

Here's how gambling will work. You can bet any amount of v's (your limit, of course, is the number of v's in your BANK (see discussion)). Simply enter:
1. The song you are betting to win.
2. The number of v's you wish to bet.
3. Post it in the comments below.

All bets placed will go into the "pot"; the v's will be evenly distributed amongst the winner(s) of the bet.

-Alplexle, on behalf of the 12ppa

Celliot P.:
Richard G. Perritt Sr:
The Modern something-or-other:
Robin M. Butler:

Celliot P.=10v | TestPilot's "Bob"
Kyesel=50v | TheDoctor98's "A Soul"

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2 years ago

Consiglio Devastations Internship Opportunity

As the new Vice President of Creative Outreach at Consiglio Devastations, I need a creative team working under me to provide high-quality destructions at a moment's notice.

In this competition, there are 5 ways to win. We have 5 main weapons of planetary destruction. You will choose one and one ONLY to base your piece off of.
1. For each weapon, I will choose the most fitting piece.
2. If there is only one piece for one of the weapons, I will still judge the piece. You do not automatically win in that weapon.
3. To view the 5 weapons, visit ( ) and go to the "products" section. Choose one weapon to be the inspiration for your piece.

The winners will be awarded v1000, as well as be offered a position to work for me at Consiglio Devastations. There will be no second or third places. However, as usual, everyone will be given v100 just for participating.

There will be no betting in this competition, sorry.


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2 years ago


This is where you go to look at your current v balance.
Anyone who joins automatically gets v100 just for joining.

Note: Thank you, first 30 members, for making this group a reality!

Alplexle: v210

Qqqant: v150

The Modern Songmaker: v950

444444: v100

AllegroBear: v100

American Bacon: v150

Asriel_Dreemurr: v150

Beji Guang: v100

bonumvunum: v100

Celliot P.: v239

cephaloprod: v100

Contrellto: v150

Elizabeth Asher: v269

Epicheese: v100

Ethan C. Neal: v100

Ezlo: v1200

Ferry: v150

Huntman: v969

J.meow: v150

Jaweisen: v100

joped99: v100

Kraetor: v100

Kyesel: v200

Maia Madisen Dutra: v100

Mincerafte: v290

MMC418_BlueDiamondsMusCom: v150

Mr. Tophat: v150

MrHello: v150

Mtpusic: v150

Origami2: v1151

Pepper Music: v100

Pikabata: v150

Richard G. Perritt Sr: v250

Robert M. Butler: v1250

RookWizard: v750

Sniperrolf: v150

Solace Descending: v150

Stefenie Lin Yi Pickston: v100

Teliul: v100

TestPilot: v269

TheDoctor98: v250

thescarletfloor: v100

VideoGameArranger: v269

Villem V: v100

Wilhelm Ramirez: v300

Wishflight825: v150

zrude: v100

zxxyz: v150

✖σႦσҽ.ʂƚყʅҽ✖أسلوب أوبو: v150

サファイアフルート: v150

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2 years ago


This is where you go to lose v's.

Admin Membership: v100,000

>Z-Doc Private soundfont: v50,000
>ARK890 Orchestral Sample Soundfont: v100,000

>Alplexle's Coverart Service: v1,000
>Huntman: a 5 page professional website design for v10,000. Each additional page is v1000, Online store add on v5000 plus 5% profits, Additional items available on request!
>Mincerafte: Fresh Paint picture of anything (within reason) for v200
>Elizabeth Asher: live recordings for french horn, clarinet, and soprano/mezzo/alto voice for 10v per measure
>Celliot P.: Remastered audio for v1000

>Origami2: virtual bacon for v1.

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2 years ago


I don't like to rank people. If you didn't win, and you really want to know your ranking, please message me privately.

1st place: Ezlo | 94.9% after inflation
2nd place: Origami2 | 90.5% after inflation
3rd place: Huntman | 83.3% after inflation

You may check the BANK to review your current balance.

-------BET RESULTS--------
Bet results can be viewed in the BANK. Starting from the next competition, the betting system will change, thanks to Richard's brilliant suggestions!

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2 years ago

II. Archived competition

(This competition is inspired by a similar challenge from back when I was on Noteflight)

A kugeln is a strict musical formula invented by TheBaroquePianist (from Noteflight) which consists of the following:

1. Must be in C major if it's just a piano solo. If there's more than one instrument, it must be in G major.
2. Completely diatonic.
3. All right hand notes must be sixteenth notes.
4. No rests are allowed in the right hand.
5. Only 10 measures long. Cannot be longer or shorter.
6. Must have a constant tempo of 120 bpm.
7. Must be in 4/4 time

Your entry MUST follow ALL of the conditions listed above. You will lose v10 on your entry for every condition you fail to meet.
For reference, here's an example I made a while back:

Your entry will be scored on the 3 C's (look at the Group Policy for details)

ENTRIES ARE NOW CLOSED 1st place will win v1000. 2nd place will win v800, and 3rd place will win v600. As usual, you get v100 just for participating.

Elizabeth Asher:

As usual you may bet any amount on any ONE piece. All bets placed go into the pot and at the end, will be distributed evenly amongst the winner(s). If nobody wins the bet, all money goes to the judge(s).

Elizabeth Asher bets v20 on Ezlo
VideoGameArranger bets v40 on Ezlo
mincerafte bets v10 on WilhelmRamirez
TestPilot bets v5 on Ezlo
Huntman bets v1 on Ezlo

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2 years ago


This group is based on a currency that I created. It's measure in v's (v100 for example).

There are several ways one can earn v's in this group:
1. Enter in competitions.
Even if you didn't win first place, some v's will be given to you just for participating.
2. Win competitions.
Typically, first place wins the most v's, second wins the second most v's, and so on.
3. Win bets/gambles.
For example, you can place a bet on a song or a composer to win a competition. If your chosen song/composer wins, the v's will be divided among those who placed their bets on that song/composer.
4. Sell things.
If you want to sell a private/custom soundfont, please contact an admin first. If you want to sell your admin position (there may be an incentive to do this in the future).
5. Provide a service.
Again, please contact an admin and present your idea for whatever service you want to provide. For example, I provide coverart service to anyone in need of good looking coverart.

There are several ways to lose v's in this group.
1. Buy things.
Things you can buy include, but are not limited to: custom/private soundfonts, admin membership, coverart service, live recording?, etc.
2. Commit a crime.
This group is moderated by the 12PPA (the full name is secret). If you are caught plagiarizing, violating the BNBR policy, cheating, or any other unsavory actions, you will face judgement by the 12PPA and they will decide how many v's to remove from your account.
3. Become banned.
You will lose ALL of your v's. Ain't that fun?!

Only admins can create discussions. If you have a question, you may post in the Q&A discussion.

---------BNBR policy------------
"Be Nice; Be Respectful" requires that people treat other people on the site with civility, respect, and consideration. Assume that others on the site are also trying to make it a great group. Respect opposing or differing opinions, beliefs and conclusions. Try to listen to and understand others you may disagree with. Encourage others on the site to also be welcoming and respectful.

Personal attacks are not allowed on VVV, nor are disrespectful or insulting attacks directed at other people's content. People should be civil and respectful in disagreement with others and should not (1) make attacks or otherwise disparage other people, (2) refer to other people's content with insulting or disrespectful language, (3) harass others in the group or (4) advocate self-harm, even in a joking manner. These behaviors hurt the VVV community and deter users from helping to create a better group.

In general, comment threads on VVV are interactions among strangers. Given that another person on the site may be new to VVV and/or doesn't know you, we require a higher level of politeness than other interactive platforms where users know one another and/or where more adversarial social norms are established and tolerated. A key goal of the Be Nice, Be Respectful policy is ensure that comments do not discourage or intimidate other people on VVV.

Users are not allowed to post content or adopt a tone that would be interpreted by a reasonable observer as a form of hate speech, particularly toward a race, gender, religion, nationality, ethnicity, political group, sexual orientation or another similar characteristic.

It is never OK to violate the Be Nice, Be Respectful policy, even in response to another person who has violated the policy.

-----------JUDGING SYSTEMS------------
Every judge in this group has their own judging system.

Alplexle uses the 3 C's, which stands for Capability, Complexity, and Creativity.
>>Capability refers to how well a composer is able to work within the restraints of a challenge. This includes the ability to create a good melody, the ability to structure a score well, and the overall coherence of the piece.
>>Complexity refers to how complicated the piece is to play. I'm not against impossible-to-play pieces (unless otherwise stated in a competition). Where applicable, complexity also refers to how well one is able to layer multiple instruments.
>>Creativity refers to how unique a piece is. It shows how much one is willing to experiment with new things.

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2 years ago

RESULTS!!! | first competition

First off, I don't like to rank people. If you didn't win, and you really want to know your ranking, please message me privately.

1st place: Robin M. Butler | 96.95% after inflation.
2nd place: Modern Music Productions | 94.14% after inflation.
3rd place: RookWizard | 93.26% after inflation.

As promised, the v1000 is rewarded to first place, v700 to second, and v500 to third. And of course, there is a v100 reward just for participating.

(Huntman and VideoGameArranger's pieces could not be graded, because they've deleted their scores. But you still get your v100)

-------BET RESULTS--------
Celliot P bet v10 and kyesel bet v50; unfortunately, both lost the bet. The total bets placed (v60) will be distributed among the judge(s). Namely, me. ;)

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2 years ago