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Feb 26, 2014

The soundfont linked below is one that took me about a week to make. I searched and found all of the best (out of at least 3 or 4 hundred soundfonts I tried individually... XP) soundfonts. I got one for each sound, and replaced most of the main instruments already in the musescore library, and kept the ones I didn't replace. They all have the same ID, so your instruments should almost all automatically set themselves too... Only the string pizzicato sounds will not transfer to the new ones because there is a separate soundfont for each stringed instrument pizzicato mode...

>TROMBONE *(This sound has a small glitch. Make sure you turn it down almost to 0 or else it is WAY to loud...)*

Feel free to use the program viena (http://www.synthfont.com/VienaSetup.exe) to easily mix and match multiple soundfonts...

-Read what I said earlier about the trombone... IMPORTANT!!!!! :(
-Pizzicato has to be set for each stringed instrument
-There is one sound for all stringed instruments, but it still sounds AMAZING. Set it for violins, celli, bass, and violas.
-Read in this link if you don't know how to install a soundfont... (http://musescore.org/en/handbook/soundfont) It is in the MuseScore settings part. :)
-I couldn't find a good basoon sound, but you are free to put a link in a reply if you find one! I would appreciate it!
-That is all I can think of... If you read this far, the download is below!





Please stop by and view my first orchestral piece while you are at it! Please only review it after listening to it with this soundfont, as it honestly sounds quite bad with the crappy default musescore soundfont...


If you want I'll make a videoscore for your song with the soundfont.
I've got you a good orchestra soundfont too! :D

I found out about this font on this site : http://www.schristiancollins.com/generaluser.php
When you click on this link, scroll down until you get to a redish 'Download' sign.
After that, click on one of the bluish texts ,beneath the 'Download' sign, that says : GeneralUser GS MuseScore version 1.442
When you click that text, it will download, and when it does, open it with WinRar archiver. Then click on the folder thats called GeneralUser GS. When you open it, you will see 5 files. The third one (also called GeneralUser GS) is the one you put in the Soundfont folder of Musescore.
After ALL of that just enter MuseScore, and click on 'View', then 'Synthesizer', then 'Fluid'. If you see some file in the 'Fluid' section, called FluidR3Mono, delete it, and click 'Save to Score'


If you don't know how to put the Better Soundfon into musescores Soundfont folder, then read the following:

Search for a file called : 'MuseScore2', and click on it.
You fill find the Soundfont folder there. Open it.
When it is opened, put the Better Soundfont, in that folder, and delete the one that was already in.


Hope you like that soundfont! :D
I'm real excited! I've been looking for a great soundfont. Thanks for making it, I'm looking to forward to hearing how it sounds!
I found that Steinway piano sounds the best when you turn the chorus all the way down in the mixer. Otherwise its kind of electricky. It sounds really clear and pretty without the chorus. Try it with this song if you want! It's really pretty with the piano in your soundfont. http://musescore.com/user/107130/scores/136393
Great great great job with it. I really like so many of the sounds. You're awesome =)))
I was thinking about trying to a orchestral piece for a while now. I'm seriously looking forward to hearing how your soundfonts sounds like!
Just one thing. I definitely like MuseScore's drumset more (it sounds like you changed it?)
I did not change their drumset... I want to do that at some point, but that part is a bit complicated and involves WAY too many sounds that I think I could find for free... Plus they wouldn't match, etc etc etc. The only percussion I changed was the Timpani... I got rid of the old timpani sound and also included a second one, both are good for different purposes...
Ok, sorry, I think that was a problem with my headphones. XD Sorry about that!
The pan thing you did is so awesome!
You liked it? I tried to pan the instruments in the direction you would hear them in a real orchestra, with different instruments coming from different sides, even if only slightly, in order to enhance the realism... Seeing as it is almost impossible to get your pieces played by a real orchestra, I like to get things as real as possible...
Good News... I just found a TON of WAY BETTER soundfonts and will probably be placing most of my old "new sounds" and several of the default ones as well... Primarily, I found a good trombone sound (YAY!)

Will Start a New Forum Post when I get it up so that people see it... Chances are no one is actually even seeing this comment... >:(
Lol, I'm reading it. Also, YES!!! I really liked your soundfont but the trombones were killing me. Also the drums sound so fake (I hate the musescore default drumset) and i was trying to make a soundfont like yours but couldn't figure out the program thing. I am so happy you're editing it!
Also, if you turn down the cho (i don't' know what it stands for) on the mixer all the way, it sounds amazing. I know this works for the piano, but i haven't tried others. It gets rid of that electronic noise (for the piano).
Yes... I always have the chorus turned all the way down... The trombones sound alright if the sound is turned so that the lever points directly left (you can tweak a little from there...)

Hello! I just joined the group. Well.

a reply to Greg Borton:

Yes, after you place the .sf2 files to the c:\users\_\documents\Musescore 2\SoundFonts
(Which i am using)
It will apply, just delete the standard SoundFont and your done! :) that easy.

To Jbraney97:

I seriously like your string soundfonts :) fit with my transcription from minecraft volume beta called "Alpha" and somthing... I cant find a string syntheseizer soundfont. Did you add any? its so hard to find, but the other strings (Violin, Viola) they really fits. I actually have 14 SoundFonts installed in mu musescore :) No lag, thats 503 soundfonts. Just wow.
*5030* Exuse me for my keyboard.
*Computer keyboard* not piano.
Whenever a trombone plays a note of length in this soundfont the note seems to die off before it's supposed to.
 Is this soundfont under creative commons? From which sources did you get all of these soundfonts?  
Bringing this back to the top because this soundfont is super good and it's free! It deserves more recognition so download it if you're in need of a soundfont!!
help I can't find the strings!

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