Goodbye, Musescore!

Jun 14, 2018

Hey, guys, just wanted to notify you all. I have recently found a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) called FL Studio. I have been working on learning it for a few days, and I'm hooked. So, I will be making a Soundcloud account and making FL Studio music to post there and sell on the Unity Asset Store. What this means is: I'm leaving Musescore. My 6-Month journey with you guys has been very fun. But it's time for me to move on. I'm not getting rid of my account, nor am I stopping uploading. I'm just going to be WAY less active. Shoutout to Masked_mudkip105 for introducing me to musescore, and to musescore and the musescore staff for being a huge help! I would not be composing today without you guys. 
So, yeah. Goodbye, everyone, and keep composing! ;)


FL Studio doesn't have to be incompatable with musescore actually.

I'm planning on getting a DAW soon as well (either Studio 1 FL studio or REAPER 5) and will still use musescore as well.

Generally Musescore is used for your notation needs......... and while FL studio does have notation input, it has less features than musescore as far as I am aware. 

I hope that you'll stay though :) 
 Well, FL Studio has waaaaay more features than musescore (non-notation-wise) but I will be using Musescore for notation.
 I technically am not leaving, I'm still here. But I'm less active.
@MKMusic123 I know the feeling. I'm having a similar experience with Logic Pro X myself, so I haven't been uploading lately. I wish you all the best for your work in FL Studios! :D
@Seventetails Alolan Form
 Thanks! Good luck with Logic :) I actually considered Logic and almost went down that road.

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