Collaborative Symphony (Arrangers can be used as well as composers)

I would like to see who would be willing to work on this. It will have these four movements:
I Β Adagietto -Allegro con fuoco: parts to reserve { introduction (claimed) ( Adagietto, D Γ†olean or Phrygian), A theme (done) (Allegro con Fuoco, D Γ†olean) , B theme (Choose tempo, A Ionian, Mixolydian, Dorian, or Γ†olean) , Development (Choose tempo and mode)(claimed), coda (D Ionian, Bundled with transitions), transitions}
II Lento e Cantabile {A theme (claimed)(Lento, E Ionian or Mixolydian), B theme (claimed) (Not faster than Andante or slower than Largo, More must be related to E Ionian or Mixolydian (whichever one the A theme is in) ) variation on B theme (Between Larghissimo and Moderato), coda (E Lydian), transitions}
III Scherzo: Vivace Trio: Andante {Scherzo theme (done) (C Ionian) , trio theme ( D Ionian) , outro (D or E Locrian) }
IV Finale Allegro con Brio {A theme (D Γ†olean, Allegro con Brio), Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3 (claimed), Coda (D Ionian) }
Please request one of the sections in brackets. Β Soon I will get the score set up so people can work on it. By the way, the person doing the introduction needs to wait until the A and B themes are done before fully creating the introduction.

If you are unfamiliar with large orchestras, you can compose for some instruments and let an arranger make the other parts.
Β While editing, everyone must use this soundfount:Β (uncompressed) Β (7zip)
One you have claimed a portion to work on, you need to request access to the file by clicking on the triple dots, then sharing, then more options. In the message space give a link to your Musescore profile and state which portion you have claimed. Then while you wait for your request to be accepted, prepare. After your request is accepted, reply to your comment and state that you are now working it. Download the file and do your work. When you are done, note so in the comments and upload the file to Google Drive. If you do not rename it, the new file will automatically replace the old one. Use system text to indicate where your work starts and stops. You will also need to add your name to the composer list and the copyright statement in score properties.

I also need someone with a pro account to to upload the finished work to his/her profile and share it with this group and many others.
If someone wants to make a piano reduction for the symphony that would be great too.

Here is the link to the score:

If you don't know very much about modes, watch these videos:

A few additional things:
1. Tempo markings must be 100% Italian; no numbers.
2. Unmetered tremolo must be marked with Wienesaki for violins and trill sign for all unmelodic percussion. (Use trill line for multimeasure rolls.)
3. Please mark if monophony or homophony is with purpose, otherwise someone might add countermelodies.
4. I will try to check this discussion 2-3 times a day to answer questions.
5. Use the master comment plugin to use comments:
6. Use pictograms to tell the percussionists which instruments to use.
7. DΓ©jΓ  vu from within the symphony is welcome. i.e. stealing a tidbit of the B theme from the first movement to incorporate into a countermelody for the trio would make it feel more connected. Don't overdo the copying, but do please provide little bits of dΓ©jΓ  vu.

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