Just joined have a few scores

Just joined I have been arranging a few pieces to play on my flute and my friend on euphonioum.

Not sure how to post scores to the group
I have made a single playable part from
Dark World
Romance in the air
Gerudo Valley
Ballad of the windfish
mixing zelda lullaby and ballad of the goddess into one song

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2 months ago

New guy

Hey everyone! I'm new to this group and currently working on a Nintendo Medley. I have the intro as the Zelda theme so I will post it on here when I have worked on it enough to at least have a decent WIP.

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8 months ago

My LoZ medleys (Update)

Hi everyone!

Just so you know, my LoZ medleys are up again, under a different license.
But I won't make my re-uploaded LoZ medley public again, due to the copyright problem I can't fix anymore. If you still want it, just message me!

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3 years ago

New Admin

I have too much on my plate right now, so I'm electing a new admin.
Post the name of your best score, and I will choose the winner when I get around to it. (Earliest next May 9th)

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6 years ago

Zelda Medley For Harp and Piccolo :P

Yeah I might be obsessed with making Zelda medleys which include a Piccolo :( Anyway it will be uploaded soon and it sounds nice doesn't it? Harp and Ocarina are like the instruments of Zelda and Piccolo is like Ocarina... I don't even know why I create a discussion about it :/ Thoughts and suggestions maybe?

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3 years ago

:P not fair

Just had my 2 Zelda arrangements taken down for "copyright infringement" even though i claimed no rights to the songs, and even gave credit to the original makers. What do you do to keep your arrangements from being taken down.

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3 years ago

My LoZ medleys

So, maybe some of you noticed that I have taken down my LoZ medleys.
Due to false accusement of copyright infringement I have a chance that I'll get blocked.
If somebody still wants to download/view my Legend of Zelda, Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess medleys: please message me. I will sent them to you, or I can sent you a secret link!

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3 years ago

Custom Pokemon Soundtrack Contest! Read the rules please!

I've started a
That's right, create your own main-series Pokemon themes. That means at least the following:
-Title theme
-3 town/city themes
-3 route themes
-Wild Pokemon Battle
-Trainer Battle
-Gym Leader Battle
It's legal as long as:
-Contains at least a treble clef and a bass clef
-Parts are clearly defined and separated (double barlines/text at top of page/timings in description)

Wild Pokemon Battle guide is here: https://musescore.com/groups/pokegeeks/discuss/1352521

Optional stuff:
-Preferably have percussion.
-If you used a different soundfont than the default to make the piece, link it in the description or create a videoscore.
-Loop once and fade out at end of each part (if you can't do this, just create an alternate ending or something).
-Separating parts and uploading to external website for easy downloading (in case one of your themes are so good that someone HAS to get it without opening up MS and cutting and pasting and all that)
-Bonus for 10 or more instruments! (what bonus, I don't know)
-Bonus also to amazingly clever or awesome themes. People will know it when they hear it.
-Bonus to those who do more than the required.
-Letting people know of your processes in creating the score.
-Making up town names.
-Pokemon Center
-Rival's Theme
-Rival Battle (for rival music be sure to give personality)
-Elite Four Battle
-Enemy Team Battle
-Antagonist(s) Battle
-Champion Battle
-Legendary Pokemon Battle
-SPECIFIC Legendary Battles?
-Surf Theme
-Bike Theme
-Dive Theme?
DEADLINE: June 4, 2016. Scoring period will last a week and end on January 30. Results should be announced by February 7.
IMPORTANT: To submit, simply reply the URL to the listings post. I'll make the list at Pokegeeks (https://musescore.com/groups/pokegeeks) of the pieces people submit.
The winners are chosen based on their score's favorite:views ratio.

Think of yourself playing a new Pokemon game. What music do you think you would hear at each location? If you were to make that game, what kind of personality or theme would the game have? Once you plan exactly whatever style you want, and create a melody, all you have to do is let yourself go. Or at least that works with me.

Spread the word and discuss! Let me know if I forgot anything. ^_^

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3 years ago