Sheet music for Percussion with 10 instruments

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I've been working with Musescore's software to write music for my drum line group, but when we go back to play the music the Unison Bass Clicks and Hits are always silent? Does anyone know a solution to make them have the sounds they're suppose to?
Do you typically try to support users here or in the general support forums? MDL looks good so far. But navigating Musescore's website is rather lame especially trying to search for specific problems. I'm having better luck with Google using Just wondering if you guys have an inside hack for support, or are you just paining through reading all of the support forums looking for MDL related stuff.Here is a support question for you guys:
2018 is turning out to be a pretty amazing year. So many groups are SO SO good!Who are your favorites so far this season?Favorite show?Favorite book?Who do you think is most improved this year compared to last?


10 parts14 pages05:1124 minutes ago3 views
Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Trumpet(2), Trombone, Piano, Bass, Percussion(2)


10 parts24 pages02:5112 hours ago6 views
Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Tuba, Percussion(3)

Take me out Franz Ferdinand

10 parts41 pages03:3012 hours ago15 views
Flute, Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba(2), Percussion

Volazaro 2

10 parts18 pages03:0219 hours ago1 views
Trombone, Tuba(2), Bassoon, Timpani, Percussion(5)


10 parts36 pages03:3321 hours ago17 views
Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone(2), Baritone Saxophone, Trumpet(2), Trombone(2), Tuba, Percussion

Take On Me

10 parts29 pages03:30a day ago46 views
Alto Saxophone, Trumpet(2), French Horn(3), Trombone(2), Tuba, Percussion

Slateport City

10 parts14 pages01:442 days ago106 views
Piccolo, Flute, Strings(3), Contrabass, Percussion(4)
Custom audio


10 parts13 pages072 days ago12 views
Voice, Piano, Violin, Oboe, Bass, Bagpipe, Percussion(2), Timpani, Strings

Monsters, Inc.

10 parts30 pages02:012 days ago38 views
Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Flute, Trombone, Trumpet, Percussion(2), Piano, Guitar, Bass
Finesse Remix
Custom audio

Finesse Remix

10 parts5 pages00:592 days ago15 views
Trumpet(3), French Horn, Trombone, Tuba(2), Percussion(3)

Mr. Blue Sky

10 parts35 pages03:452 days ago24 views
Guitar(2), Percussion, Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Bassoon, Clarinet(2)


10 parts20 pages02:332 days ago4 views
French Horn, Flute, Trombone, Timpani, Percussion(4), Piano, Bass