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I recently got a bit into listening to Czerny's etudes as actual compositions and it turns out a lot of them are quite elegant and beautiful. I feel like I have missed a whole world of piano music to listen to, because I was not taught to play art of finger dext nor any Hanon when I started out. The first piece titled ''etude'' that I started with was actually already Chopin's 25 no 1 and by then I already had quite the technique so I just felt like ranting a bit about how we should appreciate Czerny a bit more. It feels like he has just been neglected together with Hanon and Kabalevsky for being ''practice material''. Btw here is my latest composition, a mazurka in the style of late romantic composers:
HeyI was working on a score on the software when it closed unexpectedly.because of that I lost my score of more than 100 (!) measures.I tried but I couldn't find him again.does sombody know a solution?
The Nutcracker Scene 6. The Tree Grows.
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The Nutcracker Scene 6. The Tree Grows.

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