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Hello! I've posted in this group a few times and I am a young composer in high school. My name is Ryan Guerra, and I still have no idea what the hell I'm doing.I would love any tips, notes or ideas anyone can offer, I want to learn as much as I can. Check out my music here! Thank you.
I've recently taken up transcribing the tracks from Chuck Black's Kingdom Series and Knights of Arrethtrae series. The music was written by his daughter, Emily Black. I'm still transcribing it, but what do you think of what I've already gotten down?

Undertale OST 01-11

20 parts134 pages36:57a day ago9 views
Synthesizer(5), Bass(5), Piano, Percussion(5), Piccolo, Strings, Tenor Saxophone, Brass Ensemble

Africa Toto by Shashank

20 parts36 pages03:464 days ago51 views
Flute, Violin, Viola(2), Piano(3), Brass Ensemble, Voice(2), Percussion(4), Guitar(2), Bass, Recorder, Strings, Sound effects

Please me Bruno Mars

18 parts18 pages024 days ago21 views
Strings(5), Brass Ensemble(2), Synthesizer(3), Bass, Trumpet(3), Percussion(2), Piano, Tuba

The Dream V2

12 parts13 pages01:045 days ago17 views
Timpani, Percussion(5), Brass Ensemble, Harp, Strings, Piano, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone
One Movement Symphony
Custom audio

One Movement Symphony

17 parts11 pages10:077 days ago40 views
Piano, Percussion(2), Organ, Harmonica, Guitar, Bass, Strings(2), Voice, Tuba, Brass Ensemble, Clarinet, Other Woodwinds(2), Synthesizer(2)

Coming To America

19 parts5 pages018 days ago60 views
Flute, Strings(2), Brass Ensemble(6), Trumpet(2), French Horn(2), Tuba(2), Piano, Organ, Percussion(2)

عايش لحالي

11 parts6 pages01:088 days ago18 views
Violin, Guitar(2), Piano, Voice, Percussion, Soprano Saxophone, Flute, Strings, Brass Ensemble, Synthesizer

Füsh Showdown

11 parts14 pages01:0610 days ago6 views
Piano, Organ, Voice, Trumpet, Strings(3), Harp, Brass Ensemble(2), Percussion

Sonic The Hedgehog Orchestra

26 parts39 pages17:3010 days ago10 views
Flute, Oboe, Clarinet(2), French Horn, Trumpet, Brass Ensemble(2), Bassoon, Trombone, Tuba, Strings(3), Percussion(3), Timpani, Piano(3), Voice(2), Guitar(2), Bass

Shrek Medley Orchestral

23 parts115 pages15:5510 days ago100 views
Flute, Oboe, Clarinet(2), French Horn, Trumpet, Brass Ensemble(2), Bassoon, Trombone, Tuba, Strings(3), Piano, Percussion(4), Voice(2), Guitar, Bass

Fireflight (WIP)

22 parts14 pages01:5713 days ago21 views
Flute, Strings, Brass Ensemble(2), Piano(7), Synthesizer, Bass, Percussion(6), French Horn(2), Harmonica

Captain Neutron

27 parts110 pages05:5716 days ago8 views
Strings(7), Piano(2), Timpani(4), Brass Ensemble(6), Voice(8)