Sheet music for Violin, Harp, Soprano Saxophone, Other Woodwinds with 15 instruments

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Discussions started the first section as an exercise for modulation, and then decided to expand it into a dance suite. I wrote the sections in the following sequence: prelude, gigue, sarabande, allemande, and minuet.The minuet was written yesterday during a day-long severe headache, which is a little different from the other parts. I am not sure if it sounds alright here, or I should replace it with a "normal" one.Any comments about this suite is welcomed!Also, I would be grateful if cellists can help me to correct the notation (many thanks to Teodor Lontos for his previous help).And to you, I have 2 questions:1. Above which pitch would you prefer a treble clef?2. For a piece with changing tones, would you prefer key signatures or just mark it with the notes (as the present version does)?Thanks and have a nice Sunday.
Hello! I am looking for sheet music for a violin and cello duet! It's been pretty hard searching for a piece that both sounds good and is pretty challenging. If anyone can send over some great pieces (from musescore) or even websites that have free and good sheet music that'd be great! Thanks for your help in advance! :))
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