Sheet music for Brass Ensemble, Soprano Saxophone, Synthesizer

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laughsilly (that's where you are now)banana group effects and fonts yellow dingle dork opera group
anyone have ideas on how to improve the group?i was hoping folks would share sound fonts and effects and more folks would share music with interesting effects.ideas anyone?
This is all original music, and it's my take on a drum corps show. I'd love some feedback on it


18 parts2 pages03:2010 days ago24 views
Piano(3), Other Woodwinds, Synthesizer, Brass Ensemble, Soprano Saxophone, Guitar(2), Violin, Trumpet, Bass, Strings, Percussion(5)

عايش لحالي

11 parts6 pages01:08a month ago21 views
Violin, Guitar(2), Piano, Voice, Percussion, Soprano Saxophone, Flute, Strings, Brass Ensemble, Synthesizer
Ivory Palaces
Custom audio

Ivory Palaces

18 parts5 pages03:482 months ago25 views
Percussion(4), Organ, Guitar(2), Bass(2), Contrabass, Brass Ensemble, Soprano Saxophone, Piano, Clarinet, Other Woodwinds(2), Synthesizer(2)
Rachmaninoff's Rapsodie on a Theme of Paganini
Custom audio

Rachmaninoff's Rapsodie on a Theme of Paganini

22 parts12 pages01:073 months ago40 views
Piano(2), Percussion(4), Organ, Guitar(2), Bass(2), Harp, Strings(2), Trombone, Brass Ensemble, Soprano Saxophone, Clarinet, Other Woodwinds(2), Synthesizer(2)

Angel Island Zone

11 parts20 pages02:135 months ago31 views
Percussion(3), Brass Ensemble, Synthesizer(3), Bass, Flute, Guitar, Soprano Saxophone


23 parts34 pages03:416 months ago13 views
Piccolo, Flute, Oboe, Brass Ensemble(2), Percussion(2), Synthesizer(2), Strings(2), Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, English Horn, French Horn, Contrabass, Tuba, Guitar(2), Bass(2), Piano, Trumpet


161 parts1 page00:426 months ago191 views
Brass Ensemble(7), Bass(9), Piano(11), Harpsichord(3), Percussion(21), Keyboard, Organ(7), Accordion(2), Harmonica, Guitar(21), Violin(3), Viola(2), Cello, Contrabass, Strings(8), Harp, Timpani, Voice(3), Trumpet(2), Trombone, Tuba, French Horn, Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Oboe, English Horn, Bassoon, Clarinet, Piccolo, Flute, Recorder(2), Sound effects(9), Bagpipe, Other Woodwinds(5), Synthesizer(26)
Valse-Finale Ulalume Act I
Custom audio

Valse-Finale Ulalume Act I

14 parts74 pages07:116 months ago54 views
Percussion(4), Organ, Guitar(3), Bass, Strings(2), Brass Ensemble, Soprano Saxophone, Synthesizer
Ulalume Act 1 Scene 1
Custom audio

Ulalume Act 1 Scene 1

14 parts64 pages07:036 months ago61 views
Percussion(4), Organ, Guitar(3), French Horn, Strings(2), Brass Ensemble, Soprano Saxophone, Synthesizer

Baby Shark - Pinkfong

15 parts28 pages01:468 months ago462 views
Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Voice, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Viola, Percussion, Cello, Brass Ensemble, Synthesizer(3)

ECC #1

17 parts13 pages02:228 months ago52 views
Percussion(3), Guitar(4), Soprano Saxophone, Harp, Voice, Brass Ensemble, Piccolo, Other Woodwinds, Synthesizer(2), Bass(2)