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Currently i'm working on some Variations for the piano. What i'm posting is my original theme. If you have any feedback please do, but also go easy. I barely know any theory and i'm only 13, Thank you! Bear in mind, this is a WORK IN PROGRESS.
HEY EVREYONE!  i just now found this on youtube and was wounding if someone could make sheet music to this. .  Please i would really appreciate it, its a great song and i really want to be able to play this can someone please make it the exact version as the one in the link please.   ( I just read over that and realized i sounded way to excited about it lol, sorry) everyone!  I am happy to announce that I have released a waltz recently.  Any feedback would be appreciated. 


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Synthesizer, Harmonica, Strings, Piano, Bassoon, Percussion(2)

Algorithm - Muse

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Never Enough

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Alexis love it

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