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So...I need some new song ideas!! I'm kinda bored of playing the same songs over and over again... lol... so ANY ideas are welcome!!I'd say my skill level is more intermediate.... and I will play any genre type..
I've developed a love for piano arrangements of MCU themes. Does anyone have any suggestions/requests? Preferably ones you can't find really good arrangements of already. I've already done the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D theme a little while ago (, and was going to do Agent Carter next, but I'd rather see what everyone else wants first.
Does anyone know where I can find sheet music for the piano part of Chuck Berry's Johnny B. Goode? Now to be clear, I don't want to play the guitar part on the piano, nor do I want a basic rhythm track for the piano. I'm trying to find the music for what you can hear the piano play in the song. I've looked all day and found nothing for it, not even from paid sheet music sites. Anyone got any leads? It'd be a huge help

Symphony M11

8 parts74 pages08:50a month ago27 views
Percussion, Timpani, Piano, Harp, Violin, Viola, Cello, Contrabass

I went too far...

8 parts7 pages01:23a month ago30 views
Guitar, Violin, Piano, Timpani, Trumpet, Percussion, Piccolo, Harmonica

A Comedy Tonight

8 parts16 pages01:35a month ago9 views
Trumpet, Clarinet, French Horn, Piano, Brass Ensemble(2), Bass, Timpani

Negara Kami

8 parts24 pages03:42a month ago6 views
Flute, Timpani(2), Organ, Trombone, Strings(2), Piano


8 parts40 pages05:442 months ago7 views
Flute, Violin(2), Cello(2), Contrabass, Timpani, Piano

Pubg Thingie 69

8 parts6 pages023 months ago22 views
French Horn, Tuba, Clarinet, Piano, Timpani, Percussion(2), Bass


8 parts17 pages01:283 months ago9 views
Harmonica, Organ, Piano, Percussion(2), Contrabass, Baritone Saxophone, Timpani


8 parts7 pages01:424 months ago6 views
Timpani, Percussion(3), Piano, Strings(3)

Circle 8 Bolgia 9

8 parts13 pages01:014 months ago20 views
Piano, Percussion(2), Timpani, Voice, Trumpet, French Horn(2)