Sheet music for Sound effects with 7 instruments

Deserted Dreams

7 parts9 pages03:093 months ago11 views
Bassoon, Percussion(4), Harp, Sound effects


7 parts8 pages03:303 months ago26 views
Piano, Violin(2), Tenor Saxophone, Sound effects, Flute, Harp

Elven Tavern

7 parts12 pages01:277 months ago39 views
Guitar(2), Harp, Sound effects, Other Woodwinds(2), Percussion

Yoksun sen

7 parts10 pages02:339 months ago166 views
Tenor Saxophone, Guitar(2), Bass, Percussion, Strings, Sound effects

Clockwork to the ground

7 parts24 pages10:05a year ago33 views
Other Woodwinds, Sound effects, Guitar, Organ, Percussion(2), Contrabass

Ever After

7 parts35 pages05:45a year ago119 views
Cello, Guitar, Sound effects, Strings(2), Harp, Synthesizer


7 parts4 pages00:38a year ago113 views
Piccolo, Baritone Saxophone, Accordion, Harmonica, Sound effects, Synthesizer, Percussion

Tribal Spirit

7 parts9 pages01:40a year ago178 views
Piccolo, Other Woodwinds, Violin, Sound effects, French Horn, Piano, Percussion