Sheet music for Violin with 5 instruments

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 I need two motifs for two cats one is mischievous and the other is curious. I am doing a string quartet in G major the time signature is 4/4.Each motifs needs to start and end on G/B/D and be no longer than a bar long.Any suggestions please is my first attempt on string quartet! I will be glad if you can give me some feedback!
Mine is their "When You Ask Santa For Epic Violin Skills"  video.


5 parts12 pages05:16a year ago313 views
Violin(3), Viola, Cello


5 parts2 pages022 years ago264 views
Violin(3), Cello, Harpsichord


5 parts16 pages04:522 years ago81 views
Guitar, Flute, Violin, Voice, Cello


5 parts5 pages00:532 years ago1,651 views
Violin(3), Cello, Piano


5 parts3 pages00:502 years ago159 views
Violin, Cello, Guitar(2), Percussion