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Hi! Ha... I sort of just started Musescore and haven't really had a chance to explore and create things yet so give me some time. Thank you so much for your interest in joining I'm really happy that you found it to your liking and it encouraged me a lot. Thank you!Sincerely, Nickel 
These words have 6 syllables in every line. Every other line rhymes. Try writing a song for this visit, by a mysterious stranger, to an inn. (In the middle of a storm)You think up the title...The wind howled, thunder roared,And lightning smote the skyRain battered on the roof, Charcoal clouds swirled on highA dark figure trudged upThe rain and mud filled laneHis black cape was pulled tightTo try and stop the rainA lantern shone ahead,Swinging in the fierce stormTowards this beacon wentThe dark and rain soaked form Shutters closed to the windShowed but a crack of lightTo the door he did go A shadow in the nightThe keep heard the wind howlAs he opened the doorAnd inside, water ran From cape onto the floorFace hidden by his brimHis collar turned up highHe closed the tavern doorAgainst the winds harsh cryA muddy trail he leftTo a chair by the wallHe sat, back to the fire, For warmth against the squallFrom beneath his cape cameA gloved hand with some goldHe beckoned for hot stewAnd a mug of ale coldReaching up, he undidThe clasps that held his capeHe threw it on a chair,A black and formless shapeHis hair was long and blackThough shadow hid his faceA steel sword turned to goldBy flick’ring fireplaceSilently, ate his stewThen chased it down with aleOutside the storm had turnedInto a north-east galeHe stood and donned his capeAnd turned towards the doorWithout a word he went, Across the cold black moor.
I think the ooohs and aaahs in my Fluid R3 soundfont are not percussive enough to approximated a tight a cappella group.