Sheet music for Harmonica, Synthesizer with 12 instruments

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This game is a number game... obviously. Girls will try to count up, boys will try to count down (they can even go into the negatives if need be if girls begin extremely poorly). We start at 0. If you are transgender, agender, non-gender, etc., just pick male or female and stick with it for this game to lessen the confusion. No posting twice in a row.EDIT:When girls reach 200, we will have to count down, and guys will count up.EDIT 2.0: GIRLS ARE COUNTING DOWN NOW..EDIT 2.5: Once girls reach -200 or guys reach 300, we will reverse directions again to where guys count down and girls count up.For example: Female user: 1Male user: 0Female user: 1Other female user: 2Male user: 1Female user: 2And so on... for ever and ever... I'll start. 1
Hi all, there used to be a flute piece titled "end credits", but it was taken down when the user's account got suspended. Does anyone else know what piece I'm referencing, and can anyone remake it? (I'm not too good in the composing area).
Prelude and Fugue for Orchestra
Original composition
Customized sound

Prelude and Fugue for Orchestra

12 parts54 pages08:31a month ago150 views
Percussion, Organ, Harmonica, Guitar, Bass, Strings, Brass Ensemble, Clarinet, Other Woodwinds(2), Synthesizer(2)


12 parts49 pages02:05a year ago51 views
Strings, Bass(2), Percussion(2), Synthesizer, Voice(2), Sound effects, Harmonica, Trumpet, Violin


12 parts86 pages03:364 months ago12 views
Harmonica, Voice(2), Bass, Guitar(3), Piano, Organ, Strings(2), Synthesizer