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Did anybody else grow up on Veggie Tales, or is just me?
1.Scourge of the universe-Terraria|2.Burning flesh(Original WoF theme)-Terraria |3.Boss 1-Terraria|4.Boss 2-Terraria |5.Boss 3-Terraria|6.Xbox 360 ocean theme-Terraria|7.Overworld theme-Terraria |8.Underground theme-Terraria |9.Underworld theme-Terraria|10.Corruption theme-Terraria _That’s all folks lol 😂
I'm 15 (16 in May), and I want a buddy that's atleast intermediate in music composition to share music with and exchange knowledge and real friendship with! I've been writing for probably 3 years now and playing for almost 6, since I started band in 6th grade.  Preferably I'd want someone who matches or appreciates my style and also isn't a cringey 12 year old either just starting out or just sending me memes all day.I am literally obsessed with Mozart, Beethoven, CPE Bach, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, etc. My big 2 right now are Bach (ofc) and Liszt ever since I listened to his Dante Sonata and la Campanella. I live in North Texas (near Dallas), I'm super gay, and love love love rpg games like Skyrim, Assasin's Creed, and Mass Effect (<3) but I also like Super Smash Bros, Spyro, Pokemon, or pretty much most games.Hmu in messages so I can see your message without reloading the page. P.S. I'm looking for a real relationship that'll last for more than 2 days XD. P.S.S I hate emojis I'm an emoticons kinda guy.

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