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4/20 is within the Holy Week.Therefore, 4/20 is a religious holiday.change my mind(not a serious post, no offense intended)
hey there, im drsooz. im what i would proclaim to be uncreative and untalented. i've been trying this music thing for a long time now, but i'm just now getting anywhere. im horrible at playing instruments and i seem to be horrible at creating music (i mean seriously - just look at what ive created. it sucks). ive been trying so hard at it for so long but im not getting anywhere, and faced with the works of the greats such as rachmaninoff, tchaikovsky, and others it feels like anything i write or play is pointless. should i stop this whole musical charade? its not going to ever benefit me. im just not talented enough. i've realized that ill never have the performance or composition ability of those around me


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