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I'm sure we've all had funny experiences with our pets! 
Im pretty sure weve done this game in the past but i really dont want to look thru discussions tryin to find it. You start with a word, say, tune. Change one letter to tone. Ect.
I loooove animals so I was wondering how many pets everyone has and what are their names??I live on a farm and we have: 18 chickens (only 3 have names, Pinocchio, Batman, and Lenny the hen who thinks she's a cat).3 goats named Domonic, Daisy, and Oreo.One old pig named Tatianna.One rabbit named Munch.9 cats named Inkpot, Mr. T, Hansel, Jefferson, Martha, Hedwig, and the newborn kittens, Mercury (named after Freddie Mercury), Tater Tot, and Sir Meowsalot (A.K.A. Skippy).And my two fish, Ivan Draco and Ziggy Stardust.