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The Pink Panther Henry Mancini

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Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Bass, Percussion(3), Piano, Violin, Flute, Synthesizer
The Pink Panther Henry Mancini
Theme from The Pink Panther

For Tenor Saxophone
music volume F10 ・ F11

The Pink Panther Theme for Jazz Band

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Alto Saxophone(2), Tenor Saxophone(2), Baritone Saxophone, Trumpet(4), Trombone(4), Piano, Bass, Percussion

Update 3/1: This is probably as good as I'll get it :P

Hello! I've taken another break from my big huge project of classifiedness again, this time to produce a rendition of the Pink Panther theme by Henry Mancini for jazz band. I'm not totally sure I got the improv section right; I think some of the chords may be wrong and there's this very subtle electric piano part in the background that I can't seem to figure out. It's also kind of unfinished, everything is there, I just need to clean it up a bit. Listen, comment, and enjoy!

Meglio Stasera - It Had Better be Tonight - Henry Mancini - Brass Quintet!

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Trumpet(2), French Horn, Trombone, Tuba, Percussion
"Meglio stasera" (It Had Better Be Tonight) was written by Henry Mancini, Franco Migliacci (Italian lyrics) and Johnny Mercer (English lyrics). It was composed for the 1963 film The Pink Panther where it was performed by Fran Jeffries.

Interval Song Reference

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A handy collection of 24 excerpts of familiar songs that exemplify all 12 possible ascending and descending intervals in a chromatic octave. A valuable tool to help you practice and develop your relative pitch. Songs are organized by interval width measured in semitones as shown to the left of each brace, the ascending example is presented first and then the descending one, all song titles appear over the staff. The notes that make up the interval in each example are colored green.

Here is a link ( ) to an online quiz playlist which you can shuffle play to test your relative pitch using these excerpts, each song plays first the melodic interval, then the harmonic interval and finally the song excerpt.

List of songs ordered by number of semitones:
1 The Pink Panther Theme (Henry Mancini) - Für Elise (Beethoven)
2 Frere Jacques (Jean-Philippe Rameau) - Yesterday (The Beatles)
3 Song of Storms (Koji Kondo) - Hey Jude (The Beatles)
4 Morning has Broken (Cat Stevens) - Summer Nights (Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey)
5 Hedwig's Flight (John Williams) - Your woman (White Town)
6 The Simpsons Theme (Danny Elfman) - Black Sabbath (Black Sabbath)
7 The X-Files Theme (Mark Snow) - Minuet in G (Christian Petzold)
8 The Entertainer (Scott Joplin) - Love Story (Francis Albert Lai)
9 Nocturne Op.9 No. 2 (Chopin) - Nobody knows the trouble I've seen (Traditional)
10 Star Trek Theme (Alexander Courage) - An American in Paris (Gershwin)
11 Don't Know Why (Jesse Harris) - I Love You (Cole Porter)
12 A Forest (The Cure) - Willow Weep for Me (Ann Ronell)

Shot in the dark

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Guitar(5), Bass, Percussion
Henry Mancini wrote the song for the movie "The Pink Panther", also composed the song "A Shot In The Dark" (1964), which was later used in the animated short films of "The Inspector".
This is a transcription of so many that circulate in the network, surely they will be able to enjoy it and improve it.