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Undertale - Megalovania (clarinet)

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Ever since I first heard this game's soundtrack, I've been obsessed. Since I play clarinet, and another friend in my school's band also enjoys this game and plays bass clarinet, I started arranging Undertale songs for a clarinet ensemble. Since I'm largely new to this, I arranged using a piano score I found by jestermusician and arranged the parts accordingly. Keep in mind, I also made my own changes that I felt fit to make the arrangement more personal.

jestermuscian's score:

YT video:

This is my first real attempt at arranging music, so criticism is accepted and encouraged!
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Hello!I´m wondering if there´s any bass clarinet players out there? And if you are one, do you like to play low notes or high notes? I got some sheet music and I don´t understand why the composer/arranger want the bass clarinet to play so high, I think that the bass clarinet should play low notes, it sounds best down there. What do you think?
Can a single clarinet play this piece, in particular measures 5, 15, and 60?  Seems to me the sound I'm looking for requires more instruments.  All thoughts are welcome.
I play bass clarinet... Can I join?

Undertale - Undertale (clarinet)

5 parts15 pages06:093 years ago42,486 views
An arrangement of "Undertale" from the game Undertale for clarinet ensemble.

I used the arrangement for piano by Stoh as a base and arranged the parts accordingly and added my own personal changes that I felt fit with the arrangement.

Stoh's arrangement:

Thanks as always and enjoy! Criticism is also encouraged.

Dragonborn - Clarinet Quintet

5 parts10 pages03:396 years ago42,063 views
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim main theme, arranged for clarinet quintet (2 Basses, 3 Sopranos)
Composed by Jeremy Soule
Based on Taioo's arrangement

Obviously, it sounds better with dynamics, ritards, etc
Youtube performance coming soon!

Undertale - Hopes and Dreams/Save the World (clarinet)

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An arrangement of "Hopes and Dreams/Save the World" for clarinet ensemble.

Since I am new to arranging, I began with jozy101's arrangement for piano and organized the parts accordingly for the different parts. I also included some of my own personal changes.

jozy101's score:

Always open to critiques!

YT Video:

Canon In D Clarinet

1 part1 page02:303 years ago29,202 views
My transcription for Clarinet of the Canon of Pachelbel. Enjoy!

Disney Medley For Three Saxophones, Flute and Clarinet

5 parts15 pages04:403 years ago22,344 views
Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone
I found this in the depths of my "arrangements" folder on my computer and thought it sounded pretty good so y'know, here it is.
The medley consists of these songs:
- Vuelie (Frozen)
- I'll Make A Man Out Of You (Mulan)
- The Bells Of Notre Dame (The Hunchback Of Notre Dame)
- Be Prepared (The Lion King)
- Colours Of The Wind (Pocahontas)