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Londonderry Air (O' Danny Boy) Piano solo

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8/11/2015 - Converted to Version 2.0.2 (Mellow Yamaha Grand Piano)
4/29/2014 - Worked on the dynamics to bring out the melody more. Increased the tempo a little. Cleaned up the score by making invisible all the pedal markings.
7/14/2013 - This fine arrangement for just piano was found in an old songbook copyrighted in 1937. I would think it would now be in the public domain.

O Danny Boy

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SATB adaptation of the classic tune "Londonderry Air".
Found in Community


Greetings - As this is one of Brassos regulars and is well known etc - its time we worked on making it a true Brassos Quintet arrangement. This will be a great learning arrangement for us - it's in C MAJOR. > I have an arrangement from the CSO Fiddlegroup book of traditional English tunes which I shall 'copy' from to help with the arranging. What makes Fiddle Book helpful is the inclusion of chords to the melody line. > A basic Major chord consists of the 1st (Root), 3rd & 5th degree of the tunes scale. For example - if you have a chord 'C' then the root (bass) will be C - 3rd = E (Tenor) 5th = G (Alto) with our melody line overlapping this (generally it will be a note in the C major scale unless we're talking blues, or jazz or some other crazy thing).
DandDmvc| The Christmas Song (For semi-chorus)DandDmvc| A Christmas CarolDandDmvc| A Christmas Carol DandDmvc| White ChristmasDandDmvc| White Christmas DandDmvc| Christmas Day in the CookhouseDandDmvc| Christmas Day in the Cookhouse  DandDmvc| In the Bleak MidwinterDandDmvc| In the Bleak Midwinter DandDmvc| Gaudete!DandDmvc| Tell My FatherDandDmvc| Tell My Father DandDmvc| California DreaminDandDmvc| California Dreamin' DandDmvc| Roll the Old ChariotDandDmvc| Roll the Old ChariotDandDmvc| Roll the Old Chariot (Print) - Full score with Chorus, Verses and Coda on separate pagesDandDmvc| Sit Down, You're Rockin' The BoatDandDmvc| Sit Down, You're Rockin' The BoatDandDmvc| There is Nothing Like a DameDandDmvc| There is Nothing Like a DameCHRISTMAS PIECES===============================DandDmvc| The Virgin's Cradle HymnDandDmvc| The Virgin's Cradle Hymn DandDmvc| Boar's Head CarolDandDmvc| Boar's Head Carol DandDmvc| Masters in this HallDandDmvc| Masters in this Hall DandDmvc| The Holly and the IvyDandDmvc| The Holly and the Ivy DandDmvc| Quem PastoresDandDmvc| Quem Pastores DandDmvc| Gloucestershire WassailDandDmvc| Gloucestershire Wassail ===============================DandDmvc| Bring Me SunshineDandDmvc| Bring Me Sunshine DandDmvc| You Raise Me UpDandDmvc| You Raise Me Up DandDmvc| You Raise Me Up DandDmvc| LullabyDandDmvc| Lullaby DandDmvc| Lullaby DandDmvc| ShenandoahDandDmvc| Shenandoah DandDmvc| Shenandoah DandDmvc| World In UnionDandDmvc| World In Union DandDmvc| World in Union DandDmvc| Take Me HomeDandDmvc| Take Me Home DandDmvc| Take Me Home DandDmvc| Danny BoyDandDmvc| Danny Boy DandDmvc| Danny Boy DandDmvc| Steal AwayDandDmvc| Steal Away DandDmvc| Steal Away D&Dmvc|HallelujahD&Dmvc|HallelujahDandDmvc| Sunset PoemDandDmvc| Sunset Poem DandDmvc| Sunset Poem DandDmvc| A Land Between Two RiversDandDmvc| A Land Between Two Rivers DandDmvc| A Land Between Two Rivers DandDmvc| I Dreamed a DreamDandDmvc| I Dreamed a Dream DandDmvc| I Dreamed a Dream MonMVC|1. Agorawd: In These Stones Horizons SingMonMVC|2. Grey-Llwyd: In These Stones Horizons SingMonMVC|3. Eleni ganed: In These Stones Horizons SingMonMVC|4. In These Stones Horizons Sing: In These Stones Horizons Sing

Danny Boy

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Short and sweet arrangement for Wyncote Brass

Danny Boy

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Celtic Woman's version of Danny Boy, arranged by David Downes.

Click ⋮ at the top right corner, then audio sources and select "Danny Boy" to hear the original.

Or visit to watch it on YouTube.

DANNY BOY autoharp key of C

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Well known Irish standard shown in standard autoharp chords for key of C. The videoscore YouTube performance uses a specially outfitted instrument that can alter chords slightly and create passing harmonies. Not to worry. The chords shown in the arrangement here will work just fine. The parentheses mean you switch to that chord but do not strike a new melody note, the previous one will continue to ring, and you can mark the rhythm beat by a thumbstroke.

O Danny Boy

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mel: Old Irish Air,
arr: Maurice de Groot, *2010,
text: Frederick Weatherly (1848-1929), *1913
for Tenor, Bariton, Bass,
a cappella

Danny Boy

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SAATBB A Capella. Would love a recording if performed!

Danny Boy

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Voice, Piano
WORK IN PROGRESS (Arranging/Composing phase)

NOTE: REQUIRES LARGE HANDS. That's the only reason I can play it. RIP to all the little pianists out there.

An arrangement I'm putting together inspired by the BYU Vocal Point performance of "Danny Boy" by Frederic Weatherly (

Danny Boy (Londonderry Air) for E-organ

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Not too difficult in Eb and F with some nice harmonies. Complete with words and chord symbols. A good basic version to build up on.