Sheet music

Drowsy Maggie

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Irish reel, closer to the version played in sessions than the others on this site to date.

Drowsy Maggie | Traditional Irish

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Guitar Guitar Colour System® Learning the guitar with the help of coloured music

Drowsy Maggie No. 2

2 parts1 page00:327 years ago747 views
Traditional Irish. Includes transposition for Eb instruments (Alto Sax)

"Sleeping Maggie" for Piano Duet

2 parts7 pages01:594 years ago1,076 views
There are a couple of tunes with the name Sleepy Maggie. They are NOT the tune "Sleepy Maggie," They are the tune "Drowsy Maggie" — which is played after Sleepy Maggie, because Drowsy Maggie is "Sleepy Maggie When She Wakes." After all, isn’t that what Drowsy Maggie is? Now all we need is a "Completely Woken Up Maggie" but that isn’t a very catchy title Although originally written for Folk Instruments, I created this short arrangement for Piano Duet (2 Piano's 4 Hands).

Drowsy Maggie

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I know that it is usually up to the player as to how to personalize these songs, but here is a reference for other players to learn to begin with. Any feedback will help!

Drowsy Maggie

2 parts1 page00:28a year ago297 views
Un classique de la musique irlandaise.

Drowsy Maggie Cello Duet

2 parts1 page00:377 months ago170 views
"Drowsy Maggie" is a traditional Irish reel, here adapted for Cello duet from a trio version already on MuseScore.

Drowsy Maggie

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Guitar(2), Accordion(2), Piccolo, Flute, Bass, Percussion(2)
Old Irish reel.