Sheet music

Czardas for BBb Tuba

1 part3 pages03:425 years ago30,300 views
This is a version of Monti's Czardas, transposed for BBb tuba.

Star Wars Main Theme-Tuba

1 part1 page01:21a year ago10,935 views
This is my arrangement of the "Star Wars Main Theme" by John Williams from Star Wars: Episode IV, A New Hope. It is arranged for Tuba. I recommend listening to the recording provided, as some of the rhythms can be tricky at first. The piece should be easy to master after some practice. Enjoy!

ASGORE (Tubafied)

1 part1 page04:16a year ago769 views
a quick little octave shift i did, all real work was done by ThoseTwoLetters and, of course, Toby Fox. If you'd like any other songs for tuba, just let me know, this is too easy ;)

The Godfather Theme for Tuba

1 part1 page01:102 years ago1,251 views
Took this from, modified it a little bit, and played it for my band instructor (his favorite movie) for an audition.

Carol of the (Tuba) Bells *Quintet Update!*

5 parts10 pages02:293 years ago3,000 views
Update 3.1 Adjusted accidental clash chords, dynamics, partial jumps, and octave issues to provide a clearer sound. Update 3.0 Carol of the Tuba Bells is now a quintet! Fifth part added+ miscellaneous fixes. Update 2.1 Fixed some dynamic issues and swapped countermelody from Tuba2 to Tuba3 Update 2.0 Added in the Pentatonix version as an extension! A little arrangement for 5 Tubas I made. Yes, I realize they play above the staff and how unholy it is. If I can play that high, so can YOU! Lemme know if you would like to play this at any Christmas event. Enjoy! Suggestions and/or comments always accepted and encouraged. Made for 5 Tubas, but can be adjusted rangewise for Baritones or Trombones.

Tuba Etude No. 1

1 part2 pages01:434 years ago5,814 views
One of about 11.5 etudes I have written for tuba. I got board a few nights ago and stayed up composing since I am on break and have nothing to fill my time. This one is my favorite. It is a grade 1 solo because of the range and stamina it requires. I know it is difficult and if you feel you must point it out to me please feel free to do so! I try to write at my level for tuba and I can play this (barley I might add) so I like to call myself a very well rounded tuba/bass trombone player. Anyway - please enjoy and comment. I would really enjoy that. -cbooth

Tuba Solo

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What do you think of this, I'm still getting use to the MuseScore App on my Computer.

Megalovania, Tuba

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The Megalovania theme from Undertale by Toby Fox, with a Tuba cover