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Carolina Crown 2016 "Relentless" - Full Show - Finals Version - Read Description! - Updated 7/10!

34 parts38 pages12:402 years ago24,060 views
Trumpet(4), French Horn(6), Tuba, Trombone, Percussion(13), Other Woodwinds, Timpani, Violin, Contrabass, Guitar, Voice, Brass Ensemble, Sound effects(2)
If anyone can help with transcribing percussion (snare, tenor, bass, or the entire pit), PLEASE, post a comment, or send me an email:

This score has been created almost 100% by ear so far, but I recently recieved the official score of the opener from user ngvc17. Thank you to him! The drumline parts are from the Learn the Music videos, or from SnareScience.

DO NOT use any transcription from my score without giving me credit. If you find anything that needs to be changed, as I'm sure there is, please tell me below. Thanks!

[7/19/16] - Posted full opener
[7/20/16] - Fixed various tempos in opener; EXTREME ROUGH DRAFT of second movement; continued draft of second movement and added the percussion from "LEARN THE MUSIC" on YouTube
[7/21/16] - Finished rough draft of second movement; started third movement; added very beginning of show
[7/22/16] - Finished rough draft of third movement
[7/23/16] - Finished most of the ballad
[7/25/16] - Fixed trombone part; continued ballad
[7/27/16] - Completed ballad; started closer
[7/28/16] - Continued work on closer, fixed various parts of ballad
[7/29/16] - Completed closer
[8/7/16] - Added the original score of the opener, thanks to ngvc17!
[8/8/16] - Started updating the closer to the new ending
[8/16/16] - Updated score to version played at finals (changed ending and third movement slightly)
[9/5/16] - Removed Mello #3, added baritone (from euphonium cam)
[10/10/16] - Cleaned up 2nd Trumpet and 1st Mello using the cams
[12/4/16] - Fixed part of trombone solo
[12/6/16] - Changed intro page, added some percussion in the tango
[12/14/16] - Added more snare to the second movement
[12/31/16] - Made the tuba parts accurate using the tuba cams
[1/28/17] - Added some front ensemble to ballad and closer; added the gunshot
[2/16/17] - Added some battery to tango
[3/31/17] - Added snare part to entire opener and second movement, and beginning of third movement (from SnareScience); fixed end of second movement
[4/1/17] - Added some articulations and front ensemble to opener; made the trombone solo look better
[5/4/17] - Made changes to second movement
[5/29/17] - Increased overall volume of score; adjusted all parts up to the tango
[7/10/17] - Finished drumline in second movement; started adding drumline to tango

Volcano Island

13 parts29 pages01:17a year ago156 views
Voice(2), Trumpet, Synthesizer, Guitar(2), Sound effects, Timpani, Tuba, Percussion(4)
Okay, so you know how i'm a fanatic of fanmade islands? This is also, one of my own. If you want your (original) monsters to be morbidly curious and travel down the volcano, recommend one in the description! Also, i give credit to ThatHiddenCharacter! He originally created Jumpet, so i decided to make a design for it, and it looked a little like Sneyser with a volcano in his back. So when he recommended a monster, he didn't recommend anything specific. He did recommend a stringed instrument to play whenever Jumpet doesn't (besides the intro). The he recommended a brass monster to have a duet for when Smogma plays. I already had three in mind. I chose Tikiba, a tiki that blows fire out of his top to make a tuba sound. The ones i excluded were Bugelight and Torchorn. Both brass, and having to do with fire, but i already had melody, and i didn't need any chords. Plus, I needed bass instruments (i still need some). Go and check out ThatHiddenCharacter's stuff.
UPDATE 6/30/17: I changed the score including notes and stuff. Nothing special. Oh, and i updated the description.
UPDATE 7/7/17: So I changed up Krohmdohm's track 2, and now it sounds really nice!
UPDATE 7/29/17: I have added Hibana! It's japanese for fire flower. I figured i needed something alongside the Jumpet. Then it struck me! "Why not do something exotic, more spicy for Volcano Island?" i said to myself. I figured an arpeggio alongside chords would fit! That's how Hibana came along! But sadly, i still need monsters. HELP ME!

[WIP] Bluecoats 2015 "Kinetic Noise" - Full Show! - Read Description! - Updated 6/21!

29 parts57 pages10:34a year ago2,654 views
Trumpet(6), French Horn(7), Tuba(3), Percussion(10), Synthesizer(2), Sound effects
All rights go to the Bluecoats!

To celebrate 200 followers, I decided that I'd start transcribing a show that I originally thought would be too difficult for myself to pull off. Now, with several other shows already completed, I decided I'd at least give it a go. There are bound to be many mistakes, so please, point them out and I'll look into them. Thanks!

Most, if not all, battery parts are taken off of

[5/28/17] - Uploaded portion of opener
[5/29/17] - Continued adding snare and tenor parts
[5/30/17] - Started writing front ensemble parts
[5/31/17] - Continued adding front ensemble parts; added front page
[6/1/17] - Started adding bass drum parts; continued working on all other parts in opener
[6/2/17] - Continued work on opener
[6/4/17] - Added brass up to tuba feature
[6/5/17] - Added brass and battery to end of opener; continued working on front ensemble in opener
[6/6/17] - Finished the opener; started work on ballad
[6/7/17] - Started adding front ensemble to ballad
[6/8/17] - Finished ballad; added drumline to the drum break; started adding front ensemble to drum break
[6/13/17] - Continued work on drum break
[6/14/17] - Completed drum feature; started closer
[6/19/17] - Continued work on closer
[6/21/17] - Continued brass through the closer